McAtee Contra Doug Wilson on Charges of “Skinism” and Other Theological Points

“One collection of folks who excel at both racial vainglory and racial animosity is a group that call themselves kinists. I call them skinists…”

The thing that requires me to identify kinists as racists (and as much in defiance of the Scriptures as any they oppose) is the overt malevolence they routinely show toward the image and work of God Himself. To mock folly and sin is a prophetic duty. To mock the color of a man’s skin is to defy the handiwork of God. Crimes motivated by racial animosity (in any direction) reveal a pathetic culture, the end result of worshipping pathetic gods. They were not the end result of the triune God’s decision to make some of us white and some of us black. When whites worship pathetic gods, the end result features the same kind of twistedness. And how the people (Kinists) say they love God, whom they have not seen, when they routinely taunt the handiwork of God in others, handiwork they have seen, thereby showing they detest the image of God? Of course they might say they only mean to insult certain sins — they might say that in response, but it is not what they actually do. Spend 15 minutes on a skinist website or FB group, and will find plenty of examples of hostility to the creational work of God. If I were admonishing a man for laziness, and I suddenly found myself upbraiding him for having two legs, I have crossed over from legitimate admonition …


Racial malice and racial vainglory are sins against God, not because they take the obvious factors of race into account as they interpret the world, but because they are malicious and vainglorious.”

Doug Wilson

Skin & Blood

1.) Allow me to admit that there have been times when I have seen black people being mocked by white Kinists simply because they are black. I do agree when this happens this is a bridge too far. However, I do not think this is the norm for Kinists and I know that Wilson can’t prove it is the norm. Anecdotal evidence is not proof.

I do think though that the Rev. Wilson might want to take into some considerations that there currently is an ongoing attempt to genocide white people, or at the very least turn them into hewers of wood and drawers of water (slaves). I would anticipate that as such red pilled white people might be a wee bit touchy towards those who are seeking to do that to them. Does Wilson need to be reminded that it is minorities along with other constituencies who are have been captured by the cultural Marxists so as to be the new version of the proletariat who are being employed to bring down Biblical Christianity with its unique Western Institutions — nearly all of which was built by our Christian white forebears?

I will grant that it is still sin to mock the color of a man’s skin if Wilson will grant that a majority of people with pigmented skin have been co-opted to genocide White Christians and to roll Jesus Christ off His throne.

2.) Having admitted the above, I would also say that the white Kinists I know are the people who are the most likely to reach out and help people from other races when they are in genuine need. I completely reject Wilson’s anecdotal charge of malevolence. The Church I serve, for example, has sent several thousands of dollars to black Africa in the past to seek to relieve problems there.

3.) Note also that Wilson assumes above that only white people are Kinists. I know black Knists, Filipino Kinists, Mexican Kinists, Sub-continent Indian  Kinists, and Mexican Kinists. Are all these people skinists also or does Wilson save his pejoratives for only white kinists?

These Kinist Christians have no problem having fellowship with one another while at the same time prioritizing their respective peoples as the Scriptures teach. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and participated in it myself. Wilson wants to paint kinists as solely white and as uniquely haters. In doing so he reveals his ignorance on the subject.

Doug talks about Facebook groups. I am in a facebook group that is Kinist and is populated by a potpourri of kinists from different races. We love one another but do so as understanding the principles of kinism (the Bible).

Some time ago when I was being attacked by people like Wilson (SPLC) it was not only white Kinists but kinists from other races who came to my defense. Doug just doesn’t know what he is talking about. Nothing new to that when it comes to this subject.

4.) Doug would have to concede that Paul affirming true the race of Cretans being always liars, evil beasts and lazy gluttons a racial slur. Hey Doug, was the Kinist St. Paul (actually the Holy Spirit) guilty of overt malevolence and of wrongly mocking the Cretans?

12 One of the Cretans, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, (Titus 1:12-13, ESV)
Today Paul might say some races are more prone to violent crime than others. It’s just an observation of a natural reality in differences of races. Just as we talk about the penny-pinching Dutch, or the stubborn/fighting Scotsman, or the quick-tempered Irish.

5.) I still insist that there is a stream of the Gnostic in Doug. Doug seems to think that if the black man and the white man would alike properly worship the same God that would eliminate all the differences between race. I do not believe that is true. I believe that the races were created by God to be distinct and different and those distinctions and differences remain even when they all worship the one true God in the proper manner.

6.) Culture is not merely the consequence/outworking of the gods people worship in a set culture. This is contrary to Doug Wilson’s assertions. Culture is also the consequence of the gods people worship as combined with the genetic reality that God in creation made those people to be.

Wilson wants grace/worship to overthrow nature and as such he reduces culture as a consequence of only what/who a people worship. To the contrary grace restores nature and as such culture has to take into account both grace/worship that is restoring and the nature that is being restored.

Wilson tends towards Gnosticism.

 What I am trying to say here is that a renewed Irish man and a renewed Kenyan are still Irish and Kenyan, and just as those of us of particular qualities or dispositions yet have those qualities or disposition after Faith, so does the Irish or Kenyan retain ethnic or racial qualities and dispositions. If the Irishmen and the Kenyan worship the same God the same way they are not going to cease being distinctly Kenyan or Irish merely because they have been regenerated. Regeneration and proper worship of the one true God doesn’t erase what it means to be Irish or Kenyan. It doesn’t negate or remove the distinctions.

Upon grace the Irishman is a better Irish man then He was before grace and the Kenyan is a better Kenyan then he was before grace, but they are still God ordained products of what they are made of, yet now touched by God’s grace.

7.) Keep in mind that Doug keeps talking about race when Doug has said he does not think race exists. How can he do that?

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One thought on “McAtee Contra Doug Wilson on Charges of “Skinism” and Other Theological Points”

  1. Again, I agree with you. I just finished reading the new booklet ‘Christian Nationalism’
    (endorsed on the back cover by Doug Wilson). I found much in it that was good, but some blind spots that reveal a contra Rom 12:2 culture contamination, in my view.

    Not only do I agree with you on the points you make, but you would probably also be surprised, possibly distressed, at who else did.

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