Blessing the Name of Achord While Extending a Fie Upon the Enemies of Dr. Achord

I don’t personally know Dr. Achord. I have profited greatly from his Anthology “Who is My Neighbor” co-edited with my good friend Darrell Dow. I have listened to him on his Ars-Politica podcast. I have seen him interviewed. And now I have read his explanation of what happened to this good and godly man in experiencing cancel culture as levied by those considered to be “pillars in the Church.”

This one cuts kind of close. As the readers here know, I was the target of a huge doxxing and cancel culture effort at the beginning of 2020. This was on the heels of a mighty struggle against the ecclesiastical structure that I was at the time associated with (and yet not really a part of) at the end of 2018. I don’t mind saying that those 18 months took the wind out of my sail. At the time I didn’t think I was going to survive that travail. All of it raked on my soul and frankly unmanned me. Only God’s mercy and grace brought me through. So, I know personally and up close what Dr. Thomas Achord may be going through.

Today Dr. Achord provided his side of the story in this matter here;

View at

The reading of the above reveals that Thomas is a man of character. I can guarantee you that I would not be so generous as he is being.

And here Dr. Stephen Wolfe provides an explanation of this outrage;

Now, one’s temperature begins to rise when one realizes that those “Christian” men responsible for this Achord doxxing are not going to be held responsible in this life. This is one of those cases that we entrust that the guilty will get their comeuppance in that great and final day. God will make all accounts right.

I am going to mention here that some responsibility has to be laid at the feet of the Institution that allowed themselves to be stampeded so as to “resign” Dr. Thomas Achord. Dr. Achord seeking to pour oil on the waters bows out with grace. However, I must say that it seems it is the same kind of men who are in charge of our Institutions as who are out there doing the doxxing. Could not these men at the Institution in question and who agreed to  Achord’s “resignation” at least waited until the smoke of battle had cleared to assess what had really happened?

Another thing to consider is how weary I am with the “point and splutter” technique that remains so successful among our wussified culture. The whole thing is akin to a bunch of Jr. High girls screaming about a mouse loose in the lunch-room. The analogy is especially apt since those doing the doxxing are indeed acting like Jr. High girls. If they were men they would demand a duel or try to bring the man up on charges in some Church court. Instead they scream like little girls. Disgust is too mild of a word for what I feel for these effeminate creepers. It is the same way I felt about those who hid behind their media empire when blackening my name.

Today has been a somewhat hard day for me because all that has happened to Dr. Achord brought back to me the hard years of 2018-2020. I have finally arrived at the point that Thomas is already at and that is the reason he has my admiration. He got there much quicker than I did.

However, while we as Christian men seek to take these kinds of things in stride and with a sanctified aplomb we must also at the same time pray imprecatory prayers against the kind of wicked wicked men who would go to these ends to do the ruinous to god-fearing men. While we pray that they may know the joy of conversion, we at the same time pray that if they refuse to bend the knee that God would utterly destroy them.

If you want to do a good work you can go here to help support the Achord family until Thomas and his growing family gets back on his/their feet;

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