Just Another Slander From Just Another Batty Female

One of the joys of being McAtee Contra Mundum is that the slander and libel is constant.

Today one Wendy Wilson decided to weigh in on a Peter Jones post and revealed herself as the stereo-typical hysterical woman who “heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from another some ‘facts’ about McAtee.

As I can’t refute her on Peter Jones’ post since I am unable from seeing I thought I would try to calm her down here and help her get her facts right.

See interaction below;

Wendy Wilson writes,

Yes, kinist views should not be welcome in the church and those who vocally persist in them should be driven out. What does it profit a church to have its members embroiled in discussions about the supposed “functional inequality” of people on a “racial scale”?


Bret responds,

The profit lies in counseling against unwise marriages that because they are inter-racial are by definition functionally unequal on a racial scale as demonstrated by the documented higher percentage of divorce rates as between such marriages.

Also, if Wendy had read anything she would realize that the profit in discussing functional inequality among the races is found and discussed in the book “Bowling Alone.” That finding is that where people of other races live cheek by jowl with their functional inequality the consequence is significantly higher levels of social distrust.

Functional inequality is what diversity means. Japanese are not functionally equal to Rwandans who are not functionally equal to Intuits who are not functionally equal to Europeans. Nobody — individual or ethnic group — is functionally equal to any other individual or ethnic group. Only an irrational hysterical woman could say otherwise.

So, this is area #1 wherein we find Wendy’s hysterical response to be invalid.

Wendy Wilson writes,

At best this is a distraction, at worst it sets the stage for racial animosity. Kinism is Utopian in its own warped way, imagining that voluntary segregation will usher in peace instead of hateful and divisive tribalism.


Bret responds,

Note this is just an assertion without any supporting evidence.

Secondly, Windy presupposes here that Kinism as preference for one’s people automatically means hatred for other peoples. This is a errant presupposition. Since the presupposition is errant therefore the assertion about racial animosity is errant.

We would say that a kinist social order would usher in more peace as Robert Putnam demonstrates in his book “Bowling Alone.” Where kinism prevails there the social trust increases.

Windy writes,

The past oppression of racial groups cannot be ignored. History and context matter. It borders on the obscene to bring eating habits, as you did, and hobbies/interests, as Peter did, into this discussion.

Bret responds,

Yes, History teaches us that the white man, as well as other peoples, has often been terribly oppressed. See,


As such I realize it would be good for all peoples involved to have a social harmony that is characterized by a homogeneous social order.

Windy writes,

People in the U.S. who prefer potatoes were never forced into their own schools. People who are more into chainsaws than IT work were never forced to drink at separate fountains.

Bret responds,

Typical kind of reasoning from an irrational woman. Ironic that the reality of functional inequality goes a long way towards explaining Windy’s lament.

Windy writes,

Bret McAtee was rightfully removed from ministry in the Christian Reformed Church.

Bret responds,

Now, I know about this one for sure. I was there. I was NOT removed from the ministry from the CRC. I requested my release (perhaps the only time in denominational history someone has asked to be released who had never been ordained) and the denomination granted my release. There was no discipline. No Church courts. No defrocking and this is because I was not guilty of anything.

Windy, once again, demonstrates she is absolutely clueless.

Windy writes,

That a handful of people of other backgrounds have a attended his church doesn’t begin to justify his positions.

Bret responds

Sure it does. It demonstrates that if people of other races and backgrounds agree with me that the position can hardly be labeled as “racist.” These people do justify my position.

Windy writes,

I used to be friends with him on FB and couldn’t believe the comments he and his like-minded friends would make. I remember him saying that although he liked some of Ted Cruz’s positions, he couldn’t vote for him because he wasn’t his kin.

Bret responds,

Windy is mad at me because I follow Scripture’s requirement?

“You are not to set over yourselves a foreigner who is not one of your brothers.”


Cruz is a Canadian. Look into it. He is actually not even eligible to be President were we to follow our own laws. But then neither was Obama.

Windy writes,

He’s also a vile anti-Semite. He and some of his FB friends shared conspiracy theories about Jews plotting to control the U.S. They also smeared Jews in other ways on grounds that Jews killed Christ.

Bret responds,

I do not believe that J are plotting to control the US since it is my belief that they already control many aspects of the US. They even admit it in many of their own writings.

Wendy Wilson is just out there doing what so many are doing and that is to smear me with slander and libel.

I pray that she would discover the joys of the 9th commandment.

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