Dennis Prager Gives God Ultimatum

If Holocaust Deniers Don’t Go to Hell, There Is No God

Tuesday, Dennis Prager decided to instruct God telling Him that if God doesn’t send “Holocaust Deniers” to Hell then He (God) does not exist.

It was reported that God was mulling His options given Prager’s threat.

However, allow me for a moment, if you please, to speak as God’s consigliere on this matter.

1.) As salvation is a matter of by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, I’m pretty sure that someone who does not agree on the historical particulars regarding the “Holocaust” as long as they trust in Christ alone can have their name written in the Lamb’s book of life.

2.) Prager does not tell us just exactly what a “Holocaust Denier” is. Is a “Holocaust Denier” someone who questions the final magic number of six million? (Keep in mind that throughout the early 20th century before WW II the six million number was bandied about repeatedly in the media in terms of the predicted outcome of the sundry terrors the Jews were facing.) What if someone said… “I think the number is more likely 4 million?” — Would that make them a “Holocaust Denier” who has to go to hell, lest God not exist?

3.) Can we be careful about calling this historical event “The Holocaust?”

The Holocaust and The Holocaust Offering

Matthew 24, The Tribulation & the Holocaust

4.)  Prager writes, “in the pantheon of evils, among the worst is Holocaust denial.”

Honestly, this is over-wrought to an extreme. I can think of tons of things are are worst than Holocaust Denial. For example, the men who were attacked by Israel on the USS Liberty might think that evil attack is greater in the pantheon of evil than Holocaust denial. The people who were bilked out of their life savings by Sam Bankman-Fried and Bernie Madoff may think those grifters are higher up in the pantheon of evils than Holocaust denial. Even the evil of Jonathan Pollard’s spying might be higher up in the pantheon of evils than Holocaust denial.

5.) I would quite agree with Prager in his column that anyone who denies that many Jews suffered during WW II would be vile. I would also quite agree that anyone who denies that many Christians suffered during WW II would be vile. I would also ask for everyone to realize that one reason War is to be avoided if at all possible is because in wars people suffer.

6.) Prager then quotes Eisenhower and Patton about the horror of the camps. Nobody doubts that the camps were horrific. Just as the Allied camps were horrific as described in the book  by James Bacque; “Other Losses.” War is horrific. What people do doubt at some level is the reason behind the horrors that Ike and Patton witnessed. Keep in mind that when a combatant enemy as a nation is suffering severe depredations that it is obvious that those who will suffer the most are camps filled with those deemed the enemy.

7.) Much of what Prager asserts cannot be and has never been substantiated as beyond question. Let’s keep in mind that the narrative for decades insisted that the Nazis were responsible for the Katyn Forrest massacre and yet finally one day the lie of that was overturned. Why is it beyond the pale to think that there will be aspects of the “Holocaust” narrative that will one day be seen to be as false as we now know the Katyn Forrest lie was? Keep in mind that much of the “evidence” for the “Holocaust” comes to us from the Communists. These are hardly reputable people.

8.) Prager asks; If the Holocaust never happened, why would Germany maintain that it did?

He’s not really serious here is he? One only has to look at the way David Irving has been treated or look at the way Ernst Zundel was treated or look at the way Ursula Haverbeck has been treated and one knows the answer to that question.

9.) Can you name one other historical event that will result in prison time if you do not agree with the official narrative? Just one? Can one go to jail for denying the Holodomor in any country? Can one go to jail for denying the slaughter of the Armenians by the Turks in any country?

10.) Because #9 is true, I refuse Prager’s conclusion that it is antisemitism to question the particulars surrounding what we call “the Holocaust.”

11.) Again, just to be clear. I don’t deny that the Jewish people suffered greatly during WW II. I don’t deny that millions were killed. However, if Auschwitz in the early 90’s could revise their camp death totals down by over two million I don’t know why it is not possible that some day likewise total numbers of Jewish deaths might not be revised downward as a result of further historical investigation.

Historical investigation is not antisemitism and neither is it a “slap in the face of the soldiers who fought in WW II,” quite to the contrary of Prager’s claim.




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