Doug Wilson, R. Scott Clark, Michael Shover and Me

In the video above Doug Wilson does a classic presuppositional take down of R. Scott Clark as Wilson dissects an interview that R. Scott Clark did w/ the Babylon Bee on the subject of Christian Nationalism.

It is clear that Doug desires a Christian nation contra the idiot R. Scott Clark on the subject. And on that point Wilson undresses Clark and publicly humiliates him for all with eyes to see.

So two cheers for Doug on this score.

However, we can’t toss that third cheer for Doug up in the air because even though Doug desires a Christian nation he does not desire Christian Nationalism which is the only way one can get to a Christian nation. Doug is championing some form of Christian multiculturalism/multi-racialism for a nation and for that we have no respect and so must lift a Bronx cheer for Doug on that score.

Now, when I make that point above Rev. Michael Shover publicly made the following comment I’d like to respond to;

Rev. Shover writes,

I think one of the main issues of concern that Doug and others have about talking about an ethno-nationalist state in multicultural America, is how one would effectively accomplish that? Round people up and kick them out of the country? And who is going to determine that? And who is going to stay, and who is going to go? And the concern is that black Americans have ancestors that have been here longer than some white Americans ancestors. The whole situation is indeed very messy and we cant just say we need ethno-nationalism, as if that is going to solve any problems. It very well could and would create new and possibly worse problems. The toothpaste is out of the tube. You cant put it back in. And I think that when people who dont know you hear you talk about these things, they think you want to round up the blacks and asians and Indians and Mexicans and forcibly remove them from America. I think that is what people think you are saying.

1.) First we have to insist that there is no genuine nationalism except for ethno-nationalism. All other Nationalism are propositional in some sense and so are not genuinely Nationalisms.

2.) I quite agree that the toothpaste is now out of the tube and can’t be put back in. The toothpaste continues to squeezed out of the tube as the borders are virtually non-existent. The Politicians are even saying that we are looking at 4-5 million more illegals in the next 2 years. If the politicians are admitting that it is likely four or five times that many. All of that is on top of the 20-30 million illegals that are already living in this country. Clearly the toothpaste is out of the tube and is never going to be put back in.

3.) Keep in mind that my argument has always been that in order to function as a Christian Nationalist state we don’t need 100% racial/ethnic purity. Along with other Kinists I have argued that if we had the percentage that we had before the 1965 Immigration Act we would be fine.

4.) However, we will never now get to that point as the charts and stats are telling us. By the year 2100, per recent stats I have been looking at, my youngest grandchild (who will be 78 at that time) will be living in a country that is 42% white. My grandchildren will be a minority in the land that their father’s built.

As a side note, this is going to be very bad news for blacks as this new coming nation is not going to feel it incumbent to uniquely provide a safety net that privileges them. If the projected numbers are correct they will statistically be far less than both Hispanics and Whites and not much ahead of Asians.

5.) That is why, I advocate for the break-up of America in order to reach a Christian Nationalist state. This country is already balkanized beyond repair and the only hope now for Christians of European descent is to have some small nation to call their own as gerrymandered from the former United States of America.

6.) Actually, the break-up of the US is something that all people should hope for given the inevitability of totalitarian top down tyranny that is coming our way if something like a break-up doesn’t happen. These Davos people are dead serious with their New World Order Great Reset.

One more observation on this subject. Part of the immigration problem probably could be solved in terms of the saturation levels of people from Mexico and Central American countries coming here if we would but turn off the spigot of government benefits and largesse for these people. It is likely that at least a healthy percentage would then return to their homes if they were receiving handouts upon arriving here.

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One thought on “Doug Wilson, R. Scott Clark, Michael Shover and Me”

  1. I am glad to see you advocating for the break-up of America as I see that as the only peaceful way out of this. Something that some/most of our critics may not realize is that as strongly as we desire a Christian nation for our own people of European descent, we just as strongly want that for blacks, for Latinos, and all others, as that is the way our Maker intended it. That way each group could work out it’s own form of governance that best suits their God-given traits.
    Of course, an added benefit to this break-up would be that America would necessarily cease to be the geo-political wrecking ball that we have become.

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