McAtee Exposes Darren Doane’s Silliness on “Kincest”

“If you’re going to be this way (kinist) you might as well go all the way and have sex with your daughter.”

Darren Doane
Doug Wilson’s Media guy
Cross-Politic Podcast 

This reduces to, “If you believe in natural affections you should have sex with your daughter.” If it is a monumentally stupid thing to say and the sincerity behind the saying of it is a testimony of the absolute inability to reason with this kind of person. It would be the equivalent of me saying, were I a stupid person, “If you’re going to be this way (alienist) you might as go all the way have sex with your milk cow.”

Kinists, being Christian, have always esteemed God’s laws on consanguinity. As such the idea that Kinists practice what Doffus Doane calls “Kincest” is just so much brick throwing. It is ad-hominem at its worst.

Further, to be honest, Doane’s argument applies far more to the Alienist way of thinking than the Kinist way of thinking. It isn’t the Kinist saying “You can marry whoever you want so long as they are Christian.” That is the mantra of the Alienist and were they consistent with that mantra (thankfully they are not) they would approve of Fathers marrying Daughters as long as both were Christian.  The Alienist idea that “love is love” is the idea that if logically followed would lead to incest. It is Kinism with its principle that the weight of Scripture frowns on marrying both too far away in terms of race/ethnicity as well as frowning on marrying too close in terms of race/ethnicity. Kinism is actually the only view that prevents incest and excest.

Actually, I had never heard of this Darren Doane chap until he became connected with Doug Wilson’s world. Now, it seems he is a rock star in the Doug Wilson world.

It strikes me that Doane and Doug Wilson’s World are indeed worthy of one another.

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