Ever wonder why the Father gives away the Bride?

There the groom stands. There is no Father to give away the groom because in keeping with Scripture the groom has left father and mother. The bride, however, has not left the home and should not leave the home until given to another covenant head. The Father still rules over the bride as her covenant head. The groom is then presented a bride by the Father in acknowledgment that the Father is transferring authority over to the groom. This is a picture of the Heavenly Father giving the church as bride to Christ — the son.

One addition here. The modern habit in weddings now of answering the question, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man,” with “Her Mother and I,” or a joint parental response of “we do,” is a Lilithization (feminization) of the husband and father. The traditional habit of the father alone answering, “I do,” recognizes the father’s proper place as the covenant head of the family and of the bride being presented. Men, if you include your wives in answering that question you are communicating that covenant headship is equal in the husband and wife and are screaming Lilithism at the new bride and groom.

Also, on the subjection of marriage, anymore it is the case that scarcely would anyone believe that a marriage contract is between two men, a father and a husband, regarding a free man and free woman’s capacity to marry. Before there is a marriage covenant between man and wife there is a marriage contract between father and prospective husband.

Being “free” is important. Being free provides testimony and agreement whereby both parties are clear of all bars to a lawful marriage. We aren’t helpless against Lilithism, Fathers have to get serious about this stuff. If fathers would get serious there would not be a need to try to artificially create “courtship” and all that kind of stuff that too often backfired in the homeschooling community. Should fathers of daughters step up and provide the protection of their daughters needed than artificial constructs like “courtships” would not be necessary.

Holy Matrimony is between the husband and wife – the actual covenant entered by vows, solemnized before witnesses, officiated by a minister of the Gospel, recorded in the family Bible and in the county court house after being published.

Done in such a way marriage is both under the jurisdiction of the family while the Church gives its imprimatur and all without the jurisdiction of the civil governments. That’s what self-governing Christians did from “time immemorial” of white Christian Anglo-Saxon people that lived in America and Europe. We have this rich, meaningful history and legal heritage of strong, bold, courageous people that didn’t live like lemmings.

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