McAtee Would Like A Word With Americans Hankering For “Pluralism” VIII

“Further, in the First Amendment, when they said, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion,” the American Founders deliberately rejected the idea of a national church. In the nineteenth century, that principle was extended to the States. The experiment has worked. “

Dr. R. Scott Idiot
Crackerjack Ph.D recipient in History

Bret responds,

1.) The great Supreme Court justice Joseph Story declared that Christianity was in fact a necessary component of the English common-law tradition, and offered the “only solid basis of civil society.” Therefore, inasmuch as America was based on the English common-law tradition, in that much it is indisputable that America had Christianity in a defacto sense established as our established religion. Having said that, allow me to say that only a pagan would applaud the notion that a nation should have no established religion. Would someone tell Scott that the first amendment breaks the first commandment?

2.) Why did they reject the idea of a National Church? They rejected it because 9 of the 13 states already had a National Church in their sovereign states and so creating a National Church would have been a poison pill in any attempt to bring into formation these united (sovereign) States of America. They did NOT reject a national Church because they were all a bunch of Baptists or R2K (but I repeat myself) who thought that National Church BAD.

3.) The fact that through the unconstitutional doctrine of incorporation that states that parts of the bill of rights limits the states when the bill of rights was insisted upon by the states in order to limit the FEDS, so that now the FEDS can use the doctrine of incorporation to limit the States in no wise means that such convoluted reasoning should have ever been accepted. Only specialists in contradiction like R. Scott Idiot could ever say that the doctrine of incorporation was a good idea.

4.) Finally, let us note that any idea that this constitutional experiment has worked is laughable in light of any knowledge of US History. Did the Constitution work for our social order with the war of Northern Aggression? Did the constitutional experiment work in keeping marriage defined as marriage (Obergefell vs. Hodges)? Did the constitutional experiment work in stopping all the constitutionally illegal wars of the 20th century? Did the constitutional experiment work to save 50 million babies? The whole damn constitutional experiment has NOT worked unless you belong to the left. R. Scott Clark is a man of the left. He is an Enlightenment Man.

And here is R. Scott Clark applauding those fallen men and their fallen work.

Postscript — Despite the failures noted above I believe the fault lies not with the Constitution, which I do believe by in large is a Christian document. The failure with the constitutional experiment is because fallen men have wrenched it to unconstitutional ends.

Author: jetbrane

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