From the Mailbox; Dear Pastor, What About Equity?

Dear Bret,

“Today I noticed that in both the ESV (which I read) and the KJV, the term “equity” is mentioned around ten times, whereas “equality” is mentioned only around once. These verses point out that God judges the peoples with equity and that judging with equity is a positive good. Could you explain the difference between biblical equity and the equity desired by the woke community that forms part of the DEI triad. Has that community bastardized a perfectly good biblical word and given it a contradictory meaning ? In short, if someone asks if I am in favor of equity, what should I say? Thank you for your time and attention.

Greg Settles

Hello Greg,

This link to Strong’s Concordance suggests that equity is also translated as uprightness

Likewise this Hebrew word can be translated as equity, uprightness, even-ness;

This link is also helpful;

Clearly, the way that the word equity works in the OT is differently than the way we use the word “equity” today. In Scripture equity guarantees that any judgment or justice will be done on the basis of uprightness or even-ness. Equity, in our current climate in the context of DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) means that any judgment or justice will be done in such a way to be uneven towards those who are gifted or talented vis-a-vis those who are not gifted and have lesser talents. So, I would say you are on to something when you ask;

Has that (DIE) community bastardized a perfectly good biblical word and given it a contradictory meaning ?

You finish by asking me;

In short, if someone asks if I am in favor of equity, what should I say?

I would probably answer that question by saying that, “Why, yes, by all means I am in favor of Biblical equity.”

Hope that helps Greg. Thanks for trusting me enough to ask your question.

Pastor Bret




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