The Church Fathers & Their Racial Malice and Racial Vainglory… Paging Doug

Doug Wilson has invoked (perhaps even invented) new sins of “racial malice” and “racial vainglory.” Rev. Wilson insists that we Kinists are guilty of these sins. In all actuality what we are really guilty of is the “sin of noticing.”

So, in order to blunt this childish accusation by Wilson I will be posting quotes from Church Fathers that would have to be considered, in “Wilson World” as being guilty of “racial malice,” and/or “racial vainglory.”

Our first contestant is early Church Father Gregory of Nazianzus’

“Do you also say, ‘See, here is water, what does hinder me to be baptized?’ Seize the opportunity; rejoice greatly in the blessing; and having spoken be baptized; and having been baptized be saved; and though you be an Ethiopian body, be made white in soul.”

Gregory of Nazianzus
Oration 40, paragraph XXVI
(Gregory also says that baptism transforms the soul in a way different than our physicality and does not destroy or flatten our physical natures)

Notice above that Gregory clearly makes a statement of malice regarding the Ethiopians body.

So, Doug, if you’re out there… is this racial malice and was Gregory sinning here?

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