Michael Hoffman Exposes Doug Wilson’s Inane Take on Israel

I don’t often make a link the center of something I post here but this is an exception.

People here, are not surprised to read me saying again that I have significant problems with Doug Wilson. I have often said that I wish I could buy Doug for what he is worth and turn around and sell him for what he thinks he is worth. The problem isn’t what Doug knows. He knows a good deal for which he should be extolled. The problem is what Doug thinks he knows but just isn’t so.

Many people take Doug as a cornucopia of encyclopedic wisdom. Those people who make Doug their “go-to guy” are themselves exercising all the wisdom of a duck flying in to land next to a decoy. There are those who will merely see envy in my observations regarding Doug. All I can say to that is that it isn’t true. Were Doug orthodox I would be doing cartwheels and being his chief cheerleader. I would urge people to move to Moscow. I would slay all those who rise up against him. But… people will say what they will all because I point our Doug’s errors and lamentable inconsistencies.

Here is a huge error of Doug’s pointed  out by someone else who has done the legwork.


The errors in Wilson’s thinking that are pointed out here are just embarrassing and if it was anyone else besides Wilson it would go a long way towards ruining their credibility across the board. However, Doug has gained that “Teflon” ability and so his groupies will just shrug off the truths that Michael Hoffman reveals.

Read Hoffman’s piece and let me know what you think in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Hoffman Exposes Doug Wilson’s Inane Take on Israel”

  1. God is using the modern non-Abrahamic Jew as an identifiable people group to scourge and chasten His Church just as He has used the Philistines, Assyrains, Babylonians, Persians, Romans etc. When He is done with them they will be discarded and, like the Philistines, Assyrains, Persians, Romans etc, you will only read about them in the history books. The geo-political state we call “Israel”, which has only been Around for 75 years out of 2000, will likewise disappear. These folks don’t have a drop of the blood of Abraham in their veins and their religion is every bit as man made as Islam. You can exegete Romans 9-11 all you want but it still doesn’t pertain to these people, nor does Matt 27:25 for that matter.

  2. “God is using the modern non-Abrahamic Jew as an identifiable people group to scourge and chasten His Church just as He has used the Philistines, Assyrains, Babylonians, Persians, Romans etc.”

    Indeed; I believe that God is using Christ-rejecting Jews as His instrument of vengeance on apostate Christendom (among other things, like homosexual madness for example). With the American and French revolutions, and their separation of church and state, Christ was formally dethroned. Secularism was all the rage in still largely Christian countries in the 19th century!

    But once the Jews were admitted into the circle of Western culture, problems soon arose, and even many militant Liberal secularists started to have second thoughts when they saw what effect malicious non-Christians could have on their civilization.

    Richard Wagner is a good example; he started his political career as a sort of “German Jacobin,” and supported the republican 1848 uprisings (many of whose supporters fled to America, and became there radical German “Forty-Eighters”).

    But Wagner did not like it when Jews were totally emancipated, and began to influence German society as free equals. Like the stereotypical “repentant progressive,” he began to suspect that Liberalism had GONE TOO FAR.


    “Whilst we struggled to befree the Jews we were, however, more properly to be regarded as combatants for an abstract principle than for a concrete case. All our Liberalism was likewise but a mere play of the mind, and that not of a very clear-seeing description. Just as we engaged for popular freedom without special knowledge of the people on whose behalf we strove—nay, more, with actually a disinclination for any immediate contact with them—so our zeal for emancipation of the Jews resulted more from a general upheaval of thought than from any real sympathy. ”

    This resembles the way many moderate Yankee Abolitionists began to feel, after the Reconstruction, that Negro emancipation had “gone too far.”

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