God in the Hands of Man

They talk to us of an immanent God
As if man were the true Transcendent;
As if man were judge of all the earth,
And God the poor defendant.
As if God were arraigned with a very black case,
On the skill of His lawyer dependent,
And “I wouldn’t like to be God,” says one,
“For His record is not resplendent.”


They talk to us of a pleading God
As if man were the true inspector
As if man were casting the tiebreaking vote
To determine if God would be victor
As if God is submitting His career resume
For the position of ‘Lord Protector’
And they wonder if God can secure the job
From those who are the electors

They talk to us of a relevant God
As if man held the true plumb line
As if man were now fashion consultants
To determine what’s elegantly divine
As if God needs a cosmetic makeover
Before in His house, we’ll recline
It’s amazing what can be done with a God
In order to keep him up with the times

International Money Interest

Reagan had his Qadaffi
Bush I his Noriega
Clinton had the Balkans
Where he was the Alpha and Omega

We are the United States
Home of the Bankster Mob
Do as we say
Or its Missiles we will lob

“W” took out Saddam
Obama snuffed Osama
Trump wants Assad
Americans love the drama

We are the United States
Home of the Bankster Mob
Do as we say
Or its Missiles we will lob

Join our International Bankers
We’ll make an offer you can’t refuse
Join us or we’ll kill you
What could you possibly lose?

Power Mistresses

Harding had his Britton
Eisenhower his Kay
Roosevelt had Mercer
Clinton, a Rolodex babe a day

Kennedy had Marilyn
And Mary and Mimi too
And Judith and Priscilla
And God knows only who

The Kennedy men learned
The trade from Papa Joe
The Kennedy men treated women
Like a child fathered by Rosseau

LBJ had Helen Gahagan Douglas
And Alice Glass on the side
Poor Ladybird it seems
Was a pretty lonesome bride

Mr. Newt had Dot and Anne
And a girl in every p0rt
Callista was a mistress
Who cut his second marriage short

Why should Der Trumpster
Not ride these female storms?
Why not have a Stephanie Clifford?
Why should Melania be the norm?

In all this let the citizenry
Of this country be aware
If a man will cheat on his wife
His nation he will not spare


They’ve put stupid in our Water
Stupid in our air
Stupid in our salads
Stupid everywhere

Stupid in our garments
Stupid in our books
Stupid in our cosmetics
So we’re stupid in our looks

Stupid in our meds
Stupid in our cars
Stupid in our tobacco
Stupid served at bars

Stupid in our syrup
Stupid in all weather
Stupid in our bedding
We’re stupid altogether

Stupid in our pulpits
Stupid in our schools
Stupid at our Funerals
Stupid in our jewels

All glory to St. Stupid
Who gives us stupid rhymes
A saint hearing all our prayers
And a companion in our crimes

In My Study

In the quiet of my study
Amongst the presence of my books
No irrationality is spat at me
And I endure no dirty looks

No loopy theories make advance
Illogic does not endure
The stupid do not dance
There is no company with the boor

In the quiet of my study
The world makes perfect sense
The waters are not muddy
Investment brings recompense

But life is not a study
It’s messy and nonlinear
It’s broken and it’s bloody
And the irrational has no fear

So, I try to marry life and study
Doing the best I can
But the return is typically cruddy
And failure more than planned