The Pearls of Wisdom From President J. D. Greear

J.D. Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, demonstrates the curio status that walks in modern pulpits today.

I.) “Jen Wilkin says we should whisper about what the Bible whispers about and shout about what it shouts about. The Bible appears more to whisper on sexual sin compared to its shouts about materialism and religious pride.”

A.) Maybe we should have some new bible translations that code for us the time God is whispering and the time God is shouting? We could put God whispering in blue letters and God shouting in teal letters, remaining with the red letters that show us what Jesus says.

B.) God, many times, refers to sexual perversions as “an abomination.” Then there is all that brimstone and fire reigning down from Heaven in Genesis 19. Now add the fact that God called for the death penalty for several sexual sins. I’m sorry President Greear, but sounds like shouting. However, I’m sure this is just a matter of me having untrained ears.

C.) Does this mean that having sex with your Mother is less problematic than having too much money in your bank account? Is President Greear suggesting that God whispers about incest? Bestiality? Kiddie Porn?

D.) The idea that God whispers about sexual sin is jejune. The great presupposition of the Scripture on sexuality is male and female. There is the distinction created in the garden. There is the bringing together of the male and female into a union. Everywhere in Scripture God shouts that sexuality is only sexuality when it includes a male and a female. From Adam with Eve, to the Song of Solomon, to Christ as the Groom and the Church as the bride, all of Scripture resonates with the reality that God shouts on sexuality.

The height and depth of how vapid Greear must be in order to put this claptrap in a high profile sermon demonstrates that people who go to ministers for wisdom are themselves well on the path to be cognitive instability.

II.) “Thank you, Beth (Moore) ! Hoping that we are entering a new era where we in the complementarian world take all the Word of God seriously–not just the parts about distinction of roles but also re: THE TEARING DOWN OF ALL HIERARCHY & his gracious distribution of gifts to all his children!”

J. D. Greear President Southern Baptist Convention

A.) Tearing down of all hierarchy?

Tearing down of Fathers and Mothers over children?
Tearing down of Husbands over wives?
Tearing down of Employers over employees?
Tearing down of Elders over laity?
Tearing down of Princes over their people?
Tearing down of God over man?

B.) A Christianity that tears down all hierarchy is not Christianity but some version of leveling, whether Anabaptist or Marxist. President Greear with this utterance proves that he is just another Minister with no ability to think critically who has embraced, knowingly or unknowingly, the zeitgeist of egalitarianism.

C.) Gracious distribution of gifts to all his children?

Of course this implies that if God desires to distribute His gifts of Pastors or Elders to women who are we to stand in God’s way?
Except, that God Himself has said that women are not to be in the office of Minister. God Himself has said that it is a sign of the curse to be led by women and children. God Himself has chose twelve men to be Apostles while His church chose seven men to be deacons.

I wish I could say that President Greear is some kind of aberration in an otherwise fine clergy corps but I can’t. President Greear is the norm. The Clergy corps has become a redoubt full of the sons of Washington Gladden, Walter Rauschenbush, and Harry Emerson Fosdick.

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