They’ve put stupid in our Water
Stupid in our air
Stupid in our salads
Stupid everywhere

Stupid in our garments
Stupid in our books
Stupid in our cosmetics
So we’re stupid in our looks

Stupid in our meds
Stupid in our cars
Stupid in our tobacco
Stupid served at bars

Stupid in our syrup
Stupid in all weather
Stupid in our bedding
We’re stupid altogether

Stupid in our pulpits
Stupid in our schools
Stupid at our Funerals
Stupid in our jewels

All glory to St. Stupid
Who gives us stupid rhymes
A saint hearing all our prayers
And a companion in our crimes

In My Study

In the quiet of my study
Amongst the presence of my books
No irrationality is spat at me
And I endure no dirty looks

No loopy theories make advance
Illogic does not endure
The stupid do not dance
There is no company with the boor

In the quiet of my study
The world makes perfect sense
The waters are not muddy
Investment brings recompense

But life is not a study
It’s messy and nonlinear
It’s broken and it’s bloody
And the irrational has no fear

So, I try to marry life and study
Doing the best I can
But the return is typically cruddy
And failure more than planned

The Disadvantage of Seeing

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King”
Or so the proverb goes
But honesty in prose
Requires a different linguistic string

The one-eyed man in the land of the blind
Is the target of hate and spite
“Why should he have an eye to see
When all others have no sight?”

King, he may be, but uneasy rests the crown
And careful he should be in guarding his eye
As envy plots to pluck it out
In order to bring him down

The one-eyed man may be King
But not without the cost
Of all resolving to blind him also
To see him finally tossed

“We will have no eyes, in this Kingdom”
Shouts the rabble crowd
‘If we can’t see, no one will
No seeing shall be allowed.”

And so the one-eyed man better act as blind
If he desires to keep his vision
Les’t seeing and warning of the cliff ahead
Earns him an optical excision

History teaches that those who see
As living among the blind
Serve seldom as the respected King
But as outcast and maligned

Hotel Escondido

With Apologies to “The Eagles”

Off an Ocean sprayed highway, sea salt wind in my hair
Must smell of academy, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw the the absence of light 
My mind grew heavy and my sight went dim
I had to stop for the night

There they stood in the doorway;
Of their two Kingdom place
And I was thinking to myself
Was the Mosaic merit or was the Mosaic grace?
Then they took up their lecterns and they told me the way
There were voices from the corridors,
I thought I heard them say …

Welcome to Escondido California
Where Natural law’s place (Natural Law’s place)
Is in the left hand space (In the left hand space)
Plenty of room at Escondido California
Any time of year (Any time of year)
We’ll take your money here (Take your money here)

Their minds are hermeneutically twisted, they got the dualism bends
They’ve trained a lot of pretty, preacher boys whose thinking now ends
How they spin in the classroom, with exegetical dragnet
Some spin to remember, some spin to forget

So I called up the Porter
‘Please bring third law-wine’
He said, ‘We haven’t had that spirit here since Dr. Meredith Kline’
Still Reformed voices are calling regarding your stay
Wake you up in middle of the night
Saying, “Get far away!”

Welcome to Escondido California
Where Natural law’s place (Natural Law’s place)
Is in the left hand space (In the left hand space)
They’re changing it all at Escondido California
Now theocracy (Now Theocracy)
Is no more you see

Razors in their speaking
With Intrusion Ethic device
And they said ‘We are all just radicals here, giving well-paid advice’
And in the torture chambers,
They declare Mosaic Fatah
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill God’s Law

Last thing I remember, I was
Countering their lore
I had to turn their worldview back
To the Calvin it was before
‘Relax,’ said the ordained man,
‘We are programmed to deceive.
You can argue anything you like
But we will never believe!’

We’re All Hindus Now

“I believe in Kingdom come
When all the colors bleed into one”
Said the Hindu to Dr. Numb
“No Hutu no Brits, no Dutchie, no Hun
Nirvana is the place, where distinction is undone”

Said Dr. Numb to the Hindu Lord
“This doctrine we’ve absorbed
In our Churches, it’s our Host lifted and adored
We’ve teased it out full-orbed
With threatened loss of status, it never goes ignored.”

“No Distinction as to race
No distinction as to role
It is the work of Divine grace
Its essence and its goal
To quench individual identity in the Oversoul

No Distinction as to Genders
Neither Distinction found in marriage
Disputers and contenders
We thoroughly disparage
Ostracizing them so they are a societal miscarriage”

Teacher sleeps with student
No Distinction as to age
No Distinction as to prudent
No distinguishing now fool from sage
Bleeding into one is all the cultural zeitgeist rage

No Distinction as to True
So, fake News from our Broadcasters
Anyway, it’s all just your view
No “saith the Lord” from the Pastors
And our Boy’s clubs are now governed by sodomite Scout-Masters

It’s Christian Hindu world now
The colors keep bleeding into one
We’ve embraced our eternal Tao
It’s confusing but its fun
No one will ever again be convicted of civilizational highbrow