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That “Donate” Link

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At some point in the early days of his ministry R. J. Rushdoony wrote to his supporters saying,

“Scholarship, arts, and literature are being subsidized to serve the purposes of humanism and statism, and our schools and colleges have been largely captured by these forces, as have been most publishers and periodicals.� This movement has been a long time in developing: it cannot be defeated overnight. It cannot be defeated by short-sighted people who want victory today or tomorrow, and are unwilling to support long-term battle. The future must be won, and shall be won, by a renewal and development of our historic Christian liberty, by an emphasis on the fact: the basic government is the self-government of the Christian man, and by a recognition that an informed faith is the mainspring of victory. History has never been dominated by majorities, but only by dedicated minorities who stand unconditionally on their faith.”

I don’t claim to be another Rushdoony. I do claim to have taken up the long-term battle in which he was engaged. What he wrote above in 1965 remains relevant in 2011 and the need for those to do battle is even more necessary than in 1965. Any support directed my way is support for the same battle in which men like Dr. Glen Martin, and Dr. R. J. Rushdoony were involved.

I know in these times dimes are thin. If no financial support came in through Ironink I would keep pounding away as I’ve been doing for years. I can’t help doing so. However, if you would like to yoke together with my efforts to champion Christ for sinners, advocate for Reformation in the Church, cry out for the crown rights of King Jesus, and work towards the revitalization of Western civilization I and my family would be glad to have your help. If you can’t contribute in this way then we would be glad for you to be the beneficiary of whatever can be of help here.

In closing the words of Rushdoony from 1965 seem fitting,

What you are doing, in your support of me, is to sponsor a counter-measure to the prevailing trend, to promote by your support, interest, and study, a Christian Renaissance, to declare by these measures your belief that the answer to humanism and its statism is Christian faith and liberty. Our choice today is between two claimants to the throne of godhood and universal government: the state, which claims to be our shepherd, keeper, and savior, and the Holy Trinity, our only God and Savior.� You have made your choice by both faith and action.

The great man has gone on, and lesser men have no choice but to take up the great work upon which he spent his life.

Hammond on Mandela …. White On Arminians

For the whole 20th century Communism advanced by complaining about the injustice of those in power, only to turn around and compound the ruling wickedness they complained of by 1000 fold. If the Czar’s killed their thousands, the Bolsheviks and Communists killed their tens of millions. If Chiang Kai-shek was ruthless it looked like gentle kisses in comparison to Mao’s Communism. Castro made Batista look like a day care provider. On and on the list goes. Wherever Communism has come to power it has made the roughness of the previous ruling authorities look like Nirvana.

This comparison includes Mandela and the ANC as compared to the Apartheid rulers. The West forced the end of white rule in South Africa and it feted and hailed Mandela when he visited the States. However the communist black rule of the ANC makes the “oppressive” white rule look absolutely benign.

This link is a excellent exposition of that idea and I recommend its viewing … especially in light of the recent Hollywood release of “INVICTUS” that continues to try and make Mandela look like some victimized God.


On a lighter note, the following link is absolutely hilarious. It is a song done by Don White (who has a Masterful singing voice) titled “I’m Arminian.” It is based on a poem written by Mark Chambers and set to the tune of, “If I Only Had A Brain.”

Read Between The Lines

This is a genuine letter w/ a few of the details altered. I’m posting it so people can see the implied expectations of Christian ministers for public ceremonies.

Pastor Handley Miller
Christ Church
3495 Moonbeam Avenue
Rock Hill, SC — 29206

Dear Pastor Miller

Thank you for your kind acceptance of our invitation to offer the invocation and benediction at our evening commencement ceremony on 13 June at 6:30 pm in the Smiley Sports Center. As the proud Grandfather of a graduating Senior (who is also very proud of her Grandfather, I might add!), you surely know it is a special time for High Plains University and we look forward to your participation. Since our students come from very diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, we know the words you offer will be welcoming to all.

For your part, you will be introduced at the beginning of the ceremony and asked to come to the stage to offer the invocation, which should be brief. You will then return to your seat with your spouse in the front row for the remainder of the ceremony. At the conclusion, you will again be asked to return to the stage to offer the benediction. Again, we know your words will be accepting of people of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds who are represented in our student body.

We are very pleased you and Mrs. Miller will be able to join us, and are grateful for your willingness to participate in this way. If you have any questions, you may contact my assistant Marsha Brady at 1.800.PC.JESUS or We look forward to your role in our ceremony, and we know it will be a very special day for our students, and their families and friends.


Were you a minister who were to pray at this ceremony how would you pray, given the clear expectations?