If This Rumor Gains Steam It Will Be The End Of Me

Bret McAtee, a well known and popular Michigan pastor made a statement regarding Dr. Tiller’s murder:


And all this time I thought I was obscure and unpopular. Silly me.

If you read the article linked keep in mind that I am quoted out of context.

The Queen’s English?

Internet Legend — Said to have Happened in different locales

Subject: Name pronunciation

How would you pronounce this child’s name; “Le-a”?

Leah?? NO

Lee – A?? NOPE

Lay – a?? NO

Lei?? Guess Again.

The child (Le-a) in question attends a school in Detroit, Michigan and in Detroit Michigan, this child’s mother is irate because everyone is pronouncing her child’s name wrong.

It seems that the child’s name is to be pronounced as “Ledasha.”

When the Mother was asked how Le-a could be pronounced “Ledasha,” the mother said,

“the dash don’t be silent.”

So, if you see something with a dash in it come across your desk from Detroit, Michigan remember to pronounce the dash.

And if they axe you why…

Just tell them that — “the dash don’t be silent.”

Status Of The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

“Monday in a Harlem middle school, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice told a group of 120 students that administration officials are actively discussing “when and how it might be possible to join” (that is, ratify) the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). As before, she also communicated what a disgrace it is that the U.S. would stand with only Somalia against such a widely-accepted treaty.”

Report From Michael Ferris

For more information on what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is,


To America’s Anonymous Philanthropist

It has come to my attention that some generous Philanthropist in America has given away millions and millions of dollars away to several Universities on the condition that the University receiving the millions not try to discover who the benefactor is.

So, in the spirit of openness about the ability to be discrete I wanted to publicly declare to this anonymous philanthropist that should (s)he decide that (s)he wants to donate millions of dollars to Charlotte Christian Reformed Church that your secret is safe with us. Indeed, so safe is your secret that even if you only give $250,000.00 to the Charlotte Christian Reformed church we still won’t investigate your secret anonymity.

And, the bonus for you is in knowing that we will use your money far more wisely and for far better educational efforts than any University your giving your money to.