OVERTURE 36 from Chesapeake Presbytery; “Appoint Study Committee re White Supremacy”

When it comes to Liberal and Mainline denominations I seldom bother anymore to point out the Cultural Marxism or anti-Christ practices or philosophy that they embrace. What with the PCA Revoice Conferences, the Feminism emanating from the OPC, the R2K seen in the URC, and  Federal Vision in the CREC I about at the point of not bothering anymore to point out the Cultural Marxism or anti-Christ practices or philosophy in the “Conservative” and “Reformed” denominations.

Find below an overture from Chesapeake Presbytery of the PCA. For those not in the know, a Presbytery is a group of Churches all belonging to the same denomination as located in a similar geographic setting. Now Chesapeake Presbytery consists of Churches in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. As such I guess we shouldn’t be surprised churches in this area of the country tilting to the left given how far left Baltimore and Annapolis are in general.

However, this overture rises right out of the worldview of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race theory. There is nothing biblical or Christian about it except the Scripture which they wrench out of context and misapply. I don’t even think the Southern Baptists in their various overtures like this have been this bad.

Let’s take a peek at the overture.

Chesapeake Presbytery Overtures (CPO)

4 Whereas, all of mankind, men and women, are made in the image of God (Gen. 1.27) and

5 all fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3.23); and

7 Whereas, Jesus invites all to come unto him (Matt 11.28); and
9 Whereas, there is no man, woman, Jew, Gentile, but are one in Christ (Gal 3.28); and


BLMc responds,

There are zero Biblical Christians in the world who disagree with anything that is said above. The problem isn’t in the citation of Scripture. The problem is the way these clerics are applying Scripture.

Let’s take the last one for example. The Chesapeake Presbytery is suggesting that because St. Paul writes what he writes there, therefore the Church is duty-bound not to notice race just as apparently the church is duty-bound not to notice the sex of the parishioners. After all just as there is neither Greek nor Jew neither are there male and female.

Here in Galatians 3 St. Paul DOES affirm the distinctions of class, race, and gender. Paul is saying that despite these very real distinctions that exist that when it comes to Justification the ground at the cross is even. The very real distinctions that exist don’t prohibit one from being justified in Christ. However, being justified by Christ doesn’t make the distinctions go away — no not even in the Church. Once redeemed in Christ we remain redeemed men and women, freemen and slave, and Jew and Greek. Redemption doesn’t make creational categories disappear.

CPO writes,11 Whereas, the Apostle James teaches that the Church should not be governed nor guided by

12 partiality, even more so that such partiality is a sin (James 2.1, 9); and


BLMc responds,

Do these clerics realize what they have said here? No partiality? No partiality ever…. at all? Partiality is always a sin?

Doesn’t the Church teach that boys should be partial to girls and girls should be partial to boys when it comes to marriage partners? Doesn’t the Church teach that its members should be partial to righteousness over sin? Doesn’t the Church show partiality when it disciplines one member for sinful behavior but not another when that sinful behavior isn’t present?

James’s point is NOT that Church should never be governed by partiality. James’s point, as seen clearly from the text, is that the wrong kind of partiality is always wrong. The fact that clerics from a group of Reformed Churches can’t get that basic exegesis right is shocking.


14 Whereas, racism, more generally, and white supremacy, more particularly, are forms of the
15 sin of partiality, and creates a constructed hierarchy that is not found anywhere in

16 Scripture, and wrongly cultivates castes of superiors and inferiors; and

BLMc responds,

Here we get to the meat of the matter. What we have going on here is the desire of the Chesapeake Presbytery to virtue signal. Can anyone really believe that there is one PCA church in America that has a problem with white supremacy? Oh… sure, if you want to define white supremacy the way the Cultural Marxists define it then it is likely the case that every PCA church in America has a problem with white supremacy. 

And therein lies one of the major problems of this whole overture. Chesapeake Presbytery never defines what white supremacy is. Neither does it define what racism is unless they are actually saying that partiality of any kind is by definition “racism.” Do they really believe that partiality equals racism? Jesus called 12 Jewish men to be His disciples. Was Jesus being racist in this partiality or maybe even a misogynist? The church in Acts set apart 7 men with Greek names to satisfy the complaint of the Greek Hellenist Jews about being shorted in the daily distribution. Was this an example of partiality and so racism? Jesus actually cast a racial epithet at a  Syrophoenician Woman (Mark offers “Canaanite woman”) calling her a dog and communicating that the children are to be preferred saying, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Was Jesus committing the sin of partiality and so racism here? St. Paul in Romans 9 showing partiality apparently commits the sin of racism when he writes, “For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race.” St. Paul doesn’t say this about any other peoples. Is St. Paul guilty of the sin of partiality and so racism? Is St. Paul, and Jesus both guilty of Hebrew Supremacism?

If partiality equals racism and the Chesapeake Presbytery desires to condemn all partiality as racism then we are looking at Jesus and St. Paul being condemned by the PCA. But as Jesus and St. Paul, by the Chesapeake Presbytery definition, were not white supremacists but only Hebrew supremacists then I imagine it is all good.


18 Whereas, we have position papers on groups like freemasonry, relationships between the
19 spheres of the church and state, and frameworks like theonomy; and
21 Whereas, we have more recent papers presented by ad interim committees on women in the 22 church, race and reconciliation and human sexuality; and
24 Whereas, our denomination’s history traces its lines through this difficult and complex issue 25 in the United States of America; and
27 Whereas, our recent national events reveal both the ripples of, existing tensions between, and 28 deep wounds within; and

30 Whereas, the historical roots and current tensions within families, churches, and communities 31 are causing disruption and discord in congregations; and

BLMc responds,

It is the Chesapeake Presbytery, practicing Cultural Marxist thinking that is the only one causing disruption and discord in congregations. It is the Chesapeake Presbytery as it has embraced Critical Race Theory (as seen by the mere existence of this Overture) that is causing disruption and discord in congregations. 

The usage of this kind of overture has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to continue the ongoing guilting of Christian white people. Oh, the CPO gives a requisite nod to “racism in general” but by going after “White Supremacism particularly” we see from the CPO that these clerics are really verklempt with how terrible white Christians are.


33 Whereas, we lack a cohesive theological exposition and clear pastoral advice on this topic for 34 the churches in our Assembly; and
36 Whereas, previous study reports encouraged presbyteries and sessions to consider how to
37 make progress toward racial reconciliation within their contexts; and
39 Therefore, be it resolved that the 48th General Assembly authorize the Moderator to appoint 40 a study committee, comprised of teaching and ruling elders, that would consider the
41 relevant biblical and theological materials and consult with knowledgeable persons
42 such as historians and social scientists, in order to:
44 a. Provide biblical and theological exposition relevant to the topic of White

45 Supremacy;

BLMc responds,

1.) Is it ok if we consult with theologians as well as historians and social scientists?

2.) You will notice now that the issue of “racism” has been completely dropped. It had earlier made an appearance in the overture. Now the issue is solely “White Supremacy.” Apparently only white Christians have this problem of Supremacy. Apparently there is no such thing as “Black Supremacy,” or “Brown Supremacy,” or “Yellow Supremacy.” Nope, only “White Supremacy” is a problem that has to have a study committee spending 15K to look at. This tells me that the Chesapeake Presbytery has already bought into the narrative that only white people have this problem because only white people have power plus privilege. If other races don’t have power plus privilege per the current Cultural Marxist narrative then it is not possible for them to be either racist or take Supremacists stances.

CPO finishes with details.

1 b. Consider the historical background and impact regarding this topic;

BLMc responds,

Here is where they can come back with historical distortions on “slavery,””lynching,” “Jim Crow,” “Segregation,” and “Red-lining.” On all these we will get the Cultural Marxist narrative that seeks to guilt white Christians into appeasement.

CP finishes this overture from Cultural Marxist hell,

3 c. Report to the 49th General Assembly the conclusion of their work and present any
4 relevant recommendations for the understanding and use of sessions and
5 presbyteries in the PCA;
7 d. Set the budget for the study committee at $15,000/year and that funds be derived
8 from gifts to the Administrative Committee designated for that purpose, of which
9 Columbia Presbyterian Church will contribute $1000 toward that proposed budget.
11 Approved by Chesapeake Presbytery at its stated meeting March 13, 2021

12 Attested by /s/ RE Timothy M. Persons, stated clerk


Aren’t there any other clergy members in America besides me sick of this bilge

Derek Chauvin’s Conviction and The Implication

The George Floyd apotheosis is now complete. The LEO who touched this demigod Floyd has been tried and found guilty on all counts by a jury that deliberated all of ten hours.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter when it is a fentynl junkie black demigod who has died — even when the demigod’s heart had more blockage than the 1964 Green Bay Packers running a fullback sweep. And let’s not forget that the demigod Floyd per the Coroners testimony had zero bruising on his neck. Despite all this justice must be done.

The black demigod Floyd who was also a porn star, with a violent criminal past who had a dosage of fentanyl in his system that could kill an elephant, and who was resisting arrest remains a demigod for the minority community and the old debil cracker Derek Chauvin got what all white people deserve.  After all, justice must be done.

Ah yes justice… sweet justice. The kind of justice that ignores jury tampering by the Mayor of Minneapolis, US Congress-creature Maxine Watters and Puppident Joe Biden. All who pitched in before the jury arrived at the verdict insisting that the jury could only reach one “sucks to be a white male” conclusion.  Judge Peter Cahill made sure that justice was done when he refused to declare a mistrial after clear jury tampering was enaged in by the Mayor of the City where the trial was taking place, a major leader in Congress, as well as the freaking Puppident of this bannana Republic.

We’ve seen this kind of justice before. In 1993 the demigod Rodney King’s old debil Cops were on trial and justice in that trial found all four Cops not-guilty. But not to fear, Justice be thinking about demigod Rodney King and via the FEDS swept in and in defiance of the illegality of double jeopardy tried them four old debil white Cops again in a Federal court and this time got the verdict they wanted for two of dem old white debil Cops.

Justice visited again in 1994 when that old debil white Cop Mark Fuhrman be tampering with evidence trying to frame demigod O. J. Simpson for killing two crackers. You gotta love how consistent justice is in our old debil white privilege and systemic racism culture.

If we take a step back from all this (or even half a step) it becomes clear that white people are having done to them now what was done to white people in South Africa before it finally succumbed to racial marxism. From a half a step back one sees the pattern that includes the history that belongs to white people being removed from the public square, the indicting and attempt to publicly shame white people for every real and manufactured incident imaginable, the infamous and completely bogus 1619 project, the intensifying of meeting affirmative action quotas in Corporate boardrooms, Government appointments, and Academic placement, and the blaming of white Evangelicals for being obstacles in the push to vaccine everything that moves. This is to  name just a few pieces of evidence that WOKE culture is open season on the Christian white man.

The guilty verdict brought in against Derek Floyd is a conviction lodged against white people everywhere in this country. The proof of this is seen in Puppident Biden’s proclamation following the verdict that “Systemic Racism remains a stain on America.” Chauvin is convicted and yet we White people remain guilty of systemic racism. Chauvin’s guilt is our guilt.

Non Marxist White people (the few that reamain) better wake up and see that the whole idea of justice is only a word used when dealing with white people. Due process is shot to hell as seen by all the jury tampering. Innocent before proven guilty is a non-starter. Does anyone really think that Derek Chauvin received the presumption of innocence? Can anyone believe in the quaint notion of “rule of law?” What we have instead is the kind of mob rule that Samuel Francis warned about when he coined the term “Anarcho-tyranny.” In the current country we are living in the criminal class is allowed anarchy while the law abiding is visited with tyranny. Woe be unto you white man if you fall in the hands of our “judicial system.”

None of what I have said above should suggest that I think Derek Chauvin was a model of police civility. Neither do I think that the cops that beat Rodney King silly were well mannered and erudite. However, when I compare all those LEO’s to the criminals they were dealing with I have to realize that constantly dealing with the criminal class is likely to harden a man against certain behavior that those who don’t work in the jungle find chilling.

In conclusion allow me to state the genius of the WOKE culture in all this. WOKE-ism has so successfully guilted the white man that it can now easily accuse white people of the very thing WOKEism is guilty. WOKE-ism is forever screaming “racism,” and “discrimination,” and they successfully do so as they are full of hatred for and discrimination against the non-Marxist white man. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Three Sentences From C. S. Lewis That Destroys All Materialistic Worldviews

“Granted that Reason is prior to matter, I can understand how men should come to know a lot about the universe they live in. If, on the other hand, I swallow the scientific cosmology and for ‘scientific cosmology’ we might read ‘Darwinism’ as world view then not only can I not fit in religion, but I cannot even fit in science. If minds are wholly dependent on brains, and brains on biochemistry, and biochemistry on the meaningless flux of atoms, I cannot understand how the thought of those minds should have any more significance than the sound of the wind in the trees.”

Clive Staples Lewis

Lewis presupposes here by his use of “reason” the idea that there is a spiritual component to man that cannot be explained and accounted for by those who insist that man is nothing but matter in motion and that matter is all there is. The idea of materialism is the worldview of Scientific cosmology – Darwinism. In point of fact, the consistent Darwinist can not even account for “reason” in their materialistic worldview, as Lewis points out. If, ontologically speaking, man is composed of more than just matter than his rational explanations of the universe and of himself can possibly obtain since man’s reason has reason to believe in a universe that is objective to himself. Without this denial of materialism all of man’s thinking, like all of man’s living is just so much time + chance + circumstance. There is no objective reason for any of it.

Lewis cannot fit materialistic science into a materialistic “Scientific” cosmology because in that cosmology man does not have a mind but only has materialistic brain matter. That brain matter is merely a materialistic organ that secretes thought the way the liver secretes bile. A biochemical organ that merely secretes thought hardly gives one reason to think it is worthy of any serious consideration. One day it might secrete one kind of thought depending upon how the biochemistry of the body is running. The next day it might secrete the exact other types of thought. Brains that are only materialistic cannot give an account of their reality let alone accounts of the Universe.

Without Biblical notions of reason, man is a completely subjective being who is entirely trapped within himself. Without Biblical notions of reason (are there any other types of reasonable reason?) man is left to force in order to organize his world. If man is merely matter in motion and testifies and believes that the objective world cannot be accessed (Hello postmodernism and Critical Race Theory) then inevitably man, if he is consistent, will have to enter into the war of all against all as each man with his thought secreting brains seeks to dominate all other thought secreting brains.

One can see by this quote how we have ended up where we are with social constructs like the theory of “social constructs.” If matter is the whole explanation of man and if monistic man thus is shut up within himself then monistic man’s thought secreting brain can determine for himself whatever he wants himself to be and no one else’s thought secreting brain can deny him his own socially constructed reality.

We have come to the place where we can say along with Shakespeare;

Man’s life “is a tale as told by an idiotfull of sound and fury,. Signifying nothing. ”

Diversity’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed

“When considering the broad theme of Oneness, it is important to note that this is not about imposed cultural sameness for the crushing of expression or creativity. Tolerance and openness exist for cultural, ethnic, social, personal, sexual, and religious identities. Diversity is encouraged, so long as divisive exclusivity — ‘separateness’ or ‘two-ness’ — does not threaten the fabric of anticipated harmony. In fact, distinctive cultural sensitivities and personal tastes are respected so long as they remain within the mosaic.”

Carl Teichrib
Game of Gods; The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment – p. 13

Understand what is being said here. The Monistic Uniformity that we are headed for will allow the appearance of diversity but only if that diversity contributes to the major theme of Monism. You can be sexually perverted in any direction you like (hence Diversity) but you will not be allowed to say anything that insists that such a thing as sexual perversion exists because that would be to interject a Separateness or Two-ness of right and wrong into the Monism that can not be questioned. So, people will be allowed diversity in perversion and abnormality but they will not be allowed any diversity that suggests that there is a standard by which all diversity must comply. In such a way the opponents of Two-ism can claim diversity while all the while pursuing Monism (Oneism).

My Time In Purgatory IV

So mendacious and malevolent were my crimes against the Cultural Marxist norm that the Clown Reformed Church felt it necessary to pass overtures at their annual Clown World Synod (CWS) in 2019 shadow boxing against Kinism. In this entry of my “Time in Purgatory,” I take a look at the results as well as some of the quotes that were provided by Dr. Rev. Dusty Lugnut who served at CWS 2019 as something like a roving reporter.

I.) Synod Example “A”

1.) A delegate presents the following motion:

That synod, given the recent history of Kinist teaching in a particular church of the CRCNA, admonish councils and classes to promote confessional fidelity and mutually to pursue special discipline of an officebearer who is found to hold views contrary to our standards.


a. The pastor who was teaching Kinist views was able to do so for

several years without special discipline being successful.

b. By admonishing councils and classes to encourage confessional
fidelity and special discipline when applicable, it sends a strong
message from the broadest body of our denomination that Kinist

teaching will not be tolerated in our churches.


1.) The Church I serve was never a particular Church in the CRC. This Church was started by the Clown Reformed Church back in 1965 when I was 5 years old. By the time I arrived in 1995 those original Churches had long cut ties with their “daughter” Church. The Church was operating essentially as an independent church that was dating the CRC trying to determine if it ever wanted to get married and jump in bed. From the very beginning of my time here we had our own counsel, we set our own budgets, we took in our own members, and we distributed the Sacraments with officers unordained by the Clown Reformed Church. We were a defacto Independent Church who was still dating the CRC trying to determine if we would become a particular Church.

a.) Special Discipline was NEVER successful because special discipline was NEVER attempted. They certainly had every opportunity in the world to enact special discipline if they wanted but they didn’t do that and they didn’t do that because they knew that their own Cultural Marxism would be exposed if they went after me in the Church courts.

Not once was there ever a substantive conversation with anybody in the Classis about what I understood Kinism to mean. Not once did anybody refer to anything I had written (and I had written tons) as somehow proving that my views were out of bounds. Indeed, the Church council that was assigned the task of overseeing us and was largely in name only (something that only took place after nearly 20 years of being completely independent) explicitly praised me to the Denominational District and recommended my being given an “honorable release.” Something that the vindicative Cultural Marxist feminists and churchmen of the District could in no way allow. The letter from the supervising counsel stated in part,

“Rev. Bret McAtee has served in ministry in the Charlotte Clown Reformed Church, Charlotte, MI for the past 2o years (?), faithfully serving the flock committed to his care. He has labored tirelessly among them, offering the comfort with which Christ has comforted us, providing godly council and expounding on the Word of God. He has also provided direction for their homeschooling efforts, often teaching World History, History of philosophy, and Worldview Formation.

Rev. McAtee also has developed a significant web presence through his years of ministry at Charlotte CRC, including his personal blog, ironink.org. Through his writings, he has gained a following online and has expanded his influence by writing articles for ezines….

His involvement with groups promoting Christian Reconstruction has caused some consternation for colleagues in the denomination and some peers outside the denomination. Rev. McAtee has engaged in the rigorous defense of his beliefs, but always with a spirit of Christian unity — as evidence by his long participation in a peer group among the Classis Lake Eerie pastors in Michigan. It (spirit of Christian unity) is also evidenced by his willingness to change his rhetorical methods when some in the classis felt he crossed a line of collegiality with his comments. (i.e. — The earlier mentioned meeting where a fellow Pastor was raped and destroyed by their Kangaroo court.)…

The Council of _____ _____ ______  (the supervising council) proposes that Classis Lake Eerie grant the request of Rev. Bret McAtee to be released from his calling as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Clown Reformed Church, in accordance with article 14-b of the Church Order. We also propose that his release be declared honorable.


1.) Rev. McAtee’s long service at Charlotte CRC should be commended 
2.) His request comes as a result of his own reflection and understanding that his theological commitments will continue to disturb the peace within the Clown Reformed Church.”

Except for two sentences which I will return to later this is what the supervising council recommended. You will notice that they saw no danger. They saw zero need for any “special discipline.” They understood that any problematic Kinism they saw was by others wrongly attaching my name to what other people had written under the rubric of Kinism — material that I had and would now disavow. Just as there is a great deal of what passes as Christianity today that high-profile Christians write that I would vehemently disavow. My supervising council gave me the ecclesiastical version of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. However, unlike the District as a whole, and the Synod as a whole, this Church was not a den of raging Cultural Marxists and the minister of the supervising Church was a Conservative by impulse.

Now at one point, before the above letter was written, there was an occasion when the Classis start bandying about charges of “racism” (whatever the hell that means) against me but all of that was done completely contrary to their own book of Church order yet even then all they did was wag their fingers arriving at no-decision though their virtue signaling had them all clapping each other on the back.

b.) The Classis I was located in had multiple opportunities to pursue “special discipline” but instead of bringing charges simply allowed me to go my own way consistent with my request. The reason for that is those clowns knew they did not have a leg to stand on. There was never, at any time, any teaching on my part, that was not consistent with both the Scriptures and 2000 years of Church History.

II.) Synod Example “B”

That 2019 Clown Reformed (CRC) synod accede to Overture 7, section XI, A-D.

Ground: Kinist theology and practice is neither biblical nor Reformed.

Rather, Kinism is a twisting of Reformed doctrine. The Bible makes

clear that God’s ideal is a family of every tribe and nation being considered equal in every way. Kinist principles and praxis distort this truth.


Bret responds,

God’s ideal is a family of every tribe and nation being considered equal in EVERY way?

Really … God’s ideal is all families are equal in beauty? In intelligence? In height? In achievement? Clan McAtee is equal in every way to the House of Windsor in wealth and influence? All families are equal in artistic gifting? All families are equal in athletic ability? All families equal in income? In opportunity?

The ability to pile shit this high without realizing that one is doing so is truly breath-taking.

Might one be allowed to ask; “Where in the Bible does it make clear that God’s ideal is a family of every tribe and nation being considered equal in every way?” Chapter and verse, please. I want to read this with my own eyes.

Can you imagine hundreds of Reformed synodical delegates voting to confirm such an obviously dumbass statement and all that in the name of Jesus Christ? And yet that is what was done by the CRC in 2019. This statement is Marxism on steroids. God’s ideal is a family of every tribe and nation being considered equal in every way?

Karl Marx… call your office.

And our roving reporter Dr. Rev. Dusty Lugnut provided these quotes from some of the delegates;

Joey Reckoma, Classis Central California, said, “Kinism says that people of color are less than human.”

Bret Responds,

Actually Joey if you didn’t have your head so far up your most southerly aperture that you had to unzip your zipper to have a conversation you would realize that no Kinist has ever said that people of color are less than human. That is a Christian Identity conviction among only the more extreme CI types.

Jake Boring, Classis Alberta North, said what makes Kinism a heresy is that it distorts the central Christian teaching that all humans are created in the image of God. Some wondered how kinism could have been tolerated for so long in the CRC.

Bret responds,

Again … this is a confusion with the most extreme version of Christian Identity. Kinism is NOT CI. All kinists affirm that all humans are the Imago Dei.

Something that should be added here just as way of information is that kinists come in all colors. I have good friends who are black who are kinist. I have good friends who are Asian who are kinist. I have good friends who are from the sub-continent of India who are kinist. And this because we are each and all Christian and understand that what is called Kinism today is merely vanilla historic Christianity, believed in all times, and in all places, among all Christian people until 1950 or so.

Tigh Wagontrain asked, “How does a pastor like this not get disciplined?” He presented a motion passed by synod that “councils and classes be admonished to promote confessional fidelity.” The language of the synod declaration on kinism calls it a “twisting” of Reformed teaching.

Bret responds,

A.) A pastor like this does not get disciplined because he didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe Tigh you think Kuyper should have been disciplined? Have you read what he wrote on different races? Or maybe Guillaume Von Prinisterer likewise should have been disciplined for holding views very similar to mine.

B.) If you read Achord & Dow’s Anthology Tigh you will see that Kinism is in no way a twisting of Reformed teaching. But maybe reading isn’t your strength?

C.) Confessional fidelity? LOL … this coming from a man who is in a denomination that long ago embraced women in office and now is toying with accepting sodomy. Sorry, Tigh, you passed the Confessional fidelity exit decades ago Bro.

Randy Rancid, Classis California South: “Kinism is the Americanization of apartheid.”

Bret responds,

Apartheid cannot be successful apart from force. I have written and taught in the past that I am opposed to the use of force believing instead in the freedom of assembly. We are seeing now that force isn’t necessary to achieve segregation. In the past week, I’ve read articles reporting how universities are having segregated graduation ceremonies as demanded by the students. It seems minorities want to graduate with their own people and I don’t blame them in the least.

I wonder if Randy Rancid believes that Korean Churches in the CRC or Hmong Churches in the CRC when they worship on Sundays are examples of “The Americanization of apartheid.”

Just another doltish thing to say by another chap who has repeatedly demonstrated his doltishness. (I know Randy.)