The Decline of the Nouveau Reformed

Below is a quotation from a Roman Catholic priest. Contrast it with the current “leading lights” of Protestantism.

“Consequently at the same time as acknowledging the diversity and singularity of races, the Church rejects, equally with the racist assertions of radical racial superiority and inferiority, the tendency towards a depreciation and leveling of races found at the opposite extreme. It does this in the confidence that Christianity, grounded in reality and truth, is able to harmonize the affirmation of the radical unity of mankind with the recognition of racial diversity…There can therefore be no better way of combatting racism and racial discrimination, than by a sane and realistic acknowledgement of the facts of race and of historical and cultural inequalities” –

Bonaventure Hinwood
Race, Reflections of a Theologian, p. 103

“There is only one race. The human race. And so I think races — the whole concept of races — is problematic. The one human race is divided by language. divided by culture, divided by tribes, divided by history.”

Doug Wilson
Pope– CREC

“I use ‘ethnicity’ because, as we shall see, ‘race’ is not actually a positive biblical reality, but a construct. On this point, ironically, I agree with CRT advocates, much as many of them state that race is a social construct, but then practically operate in many senses as if it is real.”

Owen Strachan
Baptist — Need I say more?

“Concepts of “whiteness” or “blackness” are DESTROYED by the radical equality of every sinner’s need and Christ’s perfect provision. Our identity is NOT determined by our ancestors—we have been transferred out of the kingdom where such relationships rule and divide.”

James White

Another Baptist

“‘Race’ is not a biblical category, but rather a social construct that often has been used to classify groups of people in terms of inferiority and superiority.”

Dallas Statement on Social Justice

“One of the sad realities of antiracism is that it is 100 percent correct about race being a construct.”

Voddie Baucham
Yet another Baptist

Pope Doug’s Gaslighting II

“So I really do sympathize with many young kinists who have been maneuvered into a bad and untenable spot by the constant drumbeat of identity politics. So I don’t despise that kind of kinist, not at all. I love every bone in their heads.”

Pope “Ditches” Doug

1.) Note Doug wants to insist that Kinists are guilty of identity politics. Are the Japanese in Japan guilty of identity politics? Are the Han people in China guilty of identity politics? Were white people in America practicing identity politics when they wrote in the constitution, “… and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”?

In other words, is it possible for white people to be for white people without be accused of practicing identity politics? Obviously it is but Doug has to throw that barb in, in order to suggest that Kinist are practicing Critical Race Theory.

2.) Don’t miss that Doug is calling young kinists bone-headed. He basically is saying that he loves them because, “dang it, they are young and can’t help but being led astray.”

Patronizing much Pope Doug?

Allow me to tag on here an account from a local Idahoan that has lived in Idaho much of their life. I am tagging this here because it gives a unique perspective. Keep in mind that the below is one person’s opinion and keep in mind that Doug doesn’t like people guessing at his motives. Fair enough, but that doesn’t make trying to figure out motives (what Doug calls Bulverism) automatically evil.

“Once upon a time, while my mother was growing up here, Idaho was a pretty obscure state (Idaho? Do people live in Idaho?) But during the 80s it became the area known for Richard Butler and his group. Things happened. A synagogue (that had recently moved here) was bombed (in retrospect I suspect that it was a ff) Idaho suddenly was portrayed as a haven for White supremacists. Adding insult to injury the population started being reported on as stupid, backwards rednecks (hilarious knowing my family’s history full of lawyers and professors). The richest (and most corrupt) man in town was a contemporary of my aunts and uncles. It’s an unspoken fact that he would resort to arson to get a property he wanted (his dad ran the newspaper). He despised the blue collar population and envisioned a wealthy resort town. So much so that he worked with the EPA and other government entities to shut down the local lumber mills and cripple the logging industry. Tried to annex my grandfather’s property because of the artesian well on it(lost that fight 😉). In collusion with Boise papers they cast a spell over the psyche of the state. They became embarrassed of who they were and desperately wanted to appear ‘sophisticated’ and ‘forward thinking'(I saw glimpses of that in my mom). It became a knee jerk reaction to repudiate anything ‘racist’. ‘We’re not like that!’ became their cry to the point of hysteria. It’s a sickness that has infected especially the generational Idahoans. It’s imperative that this is their message. They had an influx of liberal yuppies move in in the 90s that stoked and fanned the flames of this paranoia. These are the people that Wilson is surrounded by and is trying to placate. He fears the scorn.

There is though, a new thing they fear. The newcomers of the last 5 years (especially since covid) are not infected, more conservative and know that there’s nowhere else to run. I’ve seen them put more time, energy and money to battle the infection than any ‘local’. Wilson has chosen the losing side.

Of course, this is just my opinion and observation. But I’ve been here almost 25 years and spent my childhood summers here and remember the family stories.

Chit Chatting w/ an Alienist on the Wisdom of Inter-Racial Marriage

Dear Rachel Bentley Ramey ….

Clearly all humans are humans but that does not mean that within the one human race there does not exist distinctions among races and ethnicity. The Holy Spirit understood this as expressed in Roman 9:3

For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race…

Silly Holy Spirit. Didn’t he know that there is only one race… the human race?

RBR wrote,

Except…I actually do believe this. If a Christian man and a Christian woman are both at a proper stage of life *to marry*, there’s no biblical barrier to their marrying *each other*. And such has been commonly accepted throughout most of history; it’s far from a novel position.)

BLM responds,

55 y/o Christian women marrying 18 y/o Christian men does have a proper barrier. Marriage is about finding the right helpmeet — one who can join in the work of exercising Dominion for Jesus Christ — as a reflected image of one another (hence helpmeet). Plus, as 55 y/o Christian women would not be Biblical for a 18 y/o Christian man since they could not obey God’s requirement to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Marriage has as one purpose to support the community from which it arises. Inter-racial marriages normatively cannot do that. Indeed, the only community that inter-racial marriage supports is a multi-cultural cosmopolitan community. Now we can pretend that is not true that inter-racial marriages do not normatively support the community wherein it is located but we have only to lift our eyes to see how our social order is fracturing. One reason for that (not the only reason) is the proliferation of unequally yoked inter-racial marriages.

And I promise you… what you are suggesting is indeed novel when looking at world history. Marriages in stable communities throughout world history were the union of two people who shared the same religion, culture, race, language, and history. Denying that is just silly.

I do think there is a one and many reality about mankind. Man is one and yet there are clearly racial and ethnic distinctions. It is why God could say in Acts 17

26 From one man (Unity) he made all the nations (Distinctions among the Unity), that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.

So, we see here your argument about there being only one race (the human race) and therefore there are no races of men is not accurate. Indeed, it is only in the last 50 years or so wherein we have found arguments popular that “there there is only one race,” or, “race is a social construct.”

You’ll not be surprised to hear me say that it is you I find unable to think in proper categories. But, as that is not uncommon in the West you should not be too upset by that.

Your counter examples of Rahab, Zipporah, and Ruth do not work but I am not inclined to run through that all again in detail.

Here are some links/thoughts though

Concerning Ruth

Ruth was not an ethnic Moabite, she was an Israelite. For over 200 years Ruben, Gad and half of Manasseh occupied all the territory north of the Arnon to MT Hermon. Part of that territory was once Moab’s but the Amorites under King Sihon took it. Moab tried to take it back and for about 18 years succeeded, at least in that area. Israel fought back and it’s during this time that Naomi’s sons died. Boaz, a righteous Jew, followed the Torah’s steps as Kinsmen Redeemer. As per the Deut. 23:3 prohibition, Boaz could not have redeemed Ruth had she been a true Moabite. Just as a Puerto Rican living in New York City is an American so Ruth living in the land of Moab was still Israelite. Boaz redeemed a fellow Israelite when he served as Naomi and Ruth’s Kinsmen Redeemer. Ruth was a Moabite Israelite, which like many had done in Israel, may have worshiped the local deities but after her husband died chose to repent returning to Judah’s territory with Naomi.

RBR wrote:

Inter-ethnic couples are presented with the added challenge of having to deal with bigots like you. Their divorce rate might be lower if you didn’t make yourself an extra enemy.


Right… so given those extra challenges that you recognize it is a lack of wisdom to press ahead with marriage in the teeth of all that. Clearly, you’re bigotry against me is acceptable so I’m not sure what the problem is with bigotry in general as long as one is bigoted towards the proper things. You are bigoted against Kinists — a bigotry which is errant. I am bigoted against marriages about to be unwisely contracted. I am bigoted against people entering into marriages unwisely.

In my defense though I’m also bigoted against marriages contracted between people coming form vastly different classes, vastly different cultures, and those who have a vastly different health status. Call me silly, but I think those entering into marriage should have as much in common as possible and I am bigoted against marriages about to be contracted that find the differences to be significant and doubtless abiding.

I’ll just note that your comment about melanin is irrelevant since since race is not merely a matter of melanin just as gender is not merely a matter of plumbing.

You are an Alienist. Alienism requires us to ignore all the implications and deductions that we find throughout scripture is favor of pursuing a cafe-latte world where all colors bleed into one.

The Alienists tried that once before.

It was called Babel.


Winston McCuen on Jewish Perfidy



In 1543, the German Reformation leader Martin Luther wrote a treatise by the title, “On the Jews and their Lies.” Luther’s beef with the Jews was about their false theology and belief, not their race. The Talmud — the very foundation and centerpiece of Jewish cultural life since the Roman Empire — teaches that Jesus was a bastard conceived from an evil spirit by a whore mother during menstruation, that he had Esau’s soul, and was a fool, an evil man, a conjurer, a seducer, and was crucified, then buried in hell and subsequently idolized by his followers. For centuries, Talmudic Jews have taught their children that Christians are dung-like, beast-like, murderers, fornicators, unclean and hell-bound children of Satan. Thus Judaism became the first anti-Christian heresy.


So Luther, despising these wicked blasphemies against the Lord and His Church, longed to see Jews saved by conversion to the true religion. But, as Luther grew older and more familiar with Jewish blasphemy and Jewish sniff-necked, wealth and power-obsessed recalcitrance, his earlier, youthful evangelical optimism turned to skepticism and even pessimism. Like Luther, Christians today are commissioned and commanded to spread the Gospel. But also like Luther, we are obliged to distinguish honestly and clearly, as our lights allow, between carnal or unbelieving Jews — like most of the Pharisees, Judas lscariot, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Freud and MANY others — and converted, regenerate, Christian Jews — like the eleven disciples, Stephen the martyr, the Apostle Paul, and NOT so many others. So the Jews are a byword among the nations (1 Kings 9:6-9), scattered (Amos 9:9:Luke 21:24) — with many being active and implacable enemies of the Church (Philippians 3:2-3) and  subverters of family and society (Titus 1:10-11) — and only a remnant from them will be saved (Romans 9:27-29).


In the Bible we find bitter complaints and righteous condemnations by a Jewish Christ and His Jewish believers against their carnal Jewish brethren: by Moses in the Pentateuch (Ex. 32, Num. 26: 9, Deut. 11: 6); by Jesus in His Gospels (John 8: 37,44, 10: 26, 19:11); and by Paul in his letters (Romans 9: 27,10:2-3; 11:5). Thus does Scripture warn believers of the perfidious modus operandi of the carnal Jew. Indeed, those who warn seem to commend segregation — a forced Zionism, for the good of all.


In the Jew-controlled West today, a “racist” is anyone an anti-White person doesn’t like; while an “anti-Semite” is anyone a carnal Jew wishes to smear. The statesman’s rule of thumb? Find a problem; and typically you find the carnal Jew behind it as cause. Meanwhile, certain Biblically illiterate Gentiles — of dubious faith (Matt. 13:13, 21), known by their fruits (Matt.7:20), ever cowering before man (Prov. 29:25) on the broad way (Matt. 7:13-14) — serve as flaks and enablers for the carnal Jews, who vainly tried to murder and end Christ on the Cross (John 19:11). Ever oblivious to their Jewish masters’ lies and machinations, these useful idiots, these stupid goyim, these clueless simpletons, handle the Word of God ineptly (2 Tim. 2:15) and deceitfully (2 Cor.2:17) and adulterate by addition and subtraction (Rev. 22, 18-19) while stumbling over and braying like grassless asses (Job 6:5) at all deeper Biblical truths, including free will, election and the dispensational evolution of Israel.


But the Lord ordered all things before the beginning of the world, and nothing happens apart from His Perfect Plan. So carnal man — whether Jew or Gentile — can run but not hide. All unbelief, all carnality — was defeated on the Cross two millennia ago, and at the Judgment, there will be no atheists or agnostics or false religionists, and every knee shall bow before the Lord Jesus Christ.


Winston McCuen, Ph.D. (philosophy)

Ron Unz on Jewish Perfidy

“Back in those late Cold War days, the death toll of innocent civilians from the Bolshevik Revolution and the first two decades of the Soviet Regime were generally reckoned at running well into the tens of millions when we include the casualties of the Russian Civil War, the government-induced famines, the Gulag and the executions. I’ve heard that these numbers have been substantially revised downwards to perhaps as little as twenty million or so, but no matter. Although determined Soviet apologists may dispute such very large figures, they have always been part of the standard narrative history taught within the West.

Meanwhile, all historians know perfectly well that the Bolshevik leaders were overwhelming Jewish, with three of the five revolutionaries Lenin named as his plausible successors coming from that background. Although only 4% of Russia’s population was Jewish, a few years ago Vladimir Putin stated that Jews constituted perhaps 80-85% of the early Soviet government, and estimate fully consistent with the contemporaneous claims of Winston Churchill, Times of London correspondent Robert Wilton, and the officers of the American Military Intelligence. Recent books by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Yuri Slezkine, and others have all painted a very similar picture. And prior to WW II, Jews remained enormously over-represented in the Communist leadership, especially dominating the Gulag administration and the top ranks of the NKVD.

Both of these simple facts have been widely accepted in America throughout my entire lifetime. But combine them together with the relatively tiny size of worldwide Jewry, around 16 million prior to WW II, and the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murders of the 20th century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe.”

Ron Unz
Understanding World War II — p. 203-204

Ron Unz is Jewish.