No, Mr. President, It’s Not “Just A Fact”

“What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That’s just a fact.”

President “Where’s The Birth Certificate” Obama

“This statement has many possible meanings, all of them untrue.”

Heather MacDonald
Author — Are Cops Racist?

This is a well written article that every white person who has successfully, once again, been made to feel guilty for their putatively criminal mindset towards minorities needs to read.

Obama’s Hatred Of The Non Culturally Marxist Conditioned White Man

Obama rarely openly reveals his true thinking but he did so at the last news conference when he said the Cambridge police (a veiled reference to the white cop in question) acted “stupidly,” and went on about institutional racism in this country, quite ignoring the statistics that reveal that there is a institutional criminal class in this country that might account somewhat for the President’s lament about racial profiling. It continues to be clear that the Obama that was mentored by Black communist Frank Marshall Davis and who for 20 years sat under Black Liberation Preacher and Theologian Jeremiah Wright and who lost his first campaign for US Congress against Bobby Rush because he wasn’t “black enough” does not like White people who have not been conditioned by cultural Marxism.

In the social agenda that Obama is pursuing he is seeking to introduce stealth reparations. Reparations is the legislative proposal whereby blacks in this country would be indemnified for their past suffering as slaves. Reparations sold as reparations would never have the legs to get through Congress however by pursuing socialized health care, and in sure to be pursued free college education, Obama is seeking to give elite status to the perpetually aggrieved and self identified “victimized” black man in the American social order. It is this agenda that explains Obama’s call during his Presidential inauguration to “begin again the work of remaking America.”

Americans must remember Obama’s earlier refusal to wear the American flag pin on his lapel. What was it that kept Obama from wearing the flag pin? Mounting evidence suggest that Obama’s grievance was (and remains) the terrible White people who have not been conditioned by cultural Marxism. That evidence includes Obama’s quote regarding rural Pennsylvanians (hardly a black enclave) who “get bitter, cling to guns or religion or (have) antipathy to people who aren’t like them or (have) anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Rural White people cling to guns. Rural White people cling to religion. Rural White people have antipathy to people (read minorities?) who aren’t like them. The evidence that the Obama’s don’t like white people who have not been conditioned by cultural Marxism include Michell Obama’s complaint about how she realizes that Obama could go to the gas station to fill up his tank and not come home because he would be shot because he is black. No one really believes that Michelle was afraid that a Black man would kill her Barack do they? The evidence that the Obama’s don’t like White people who have not been conditioned by cultural Marxism include Michelle saying that she is, “for the first time in her adult life, proud to be an American.” Well what had her ashamed all those years? I think it is safe to suggest that Michelle was ashamed because she believes that she and her people were being kept down by White people who are not conditioned by cultural Marxism. This is what Jeremiah Wright constantly preached for 20 years, and only the unwilling can conclude that this isn’t what our President believes.

Talking about Race in modern America is the equivalent of talking about sex in the Victorian age. Most people have some experience with it but don’t want to talk publicly about it, and when it is brought up by somebody people either begin to blush or they go silent. Historical White America, if you don’t start learning how to intelligently but directly talk about race issues without either being intimidated or crude you’re culture is going to be decimated racially, ideologically, and financially. Historical White America, if you don’t start learning how to intelligently but directly talk about race issues without being either intimidated or crude your culture and your God is going to be replaced. This is not merely a case where your ethnicity is threatened, more importantly it is also a case where your faith is being attacked. You must realize that those who would seek to destroy your race and ethnicity also understand that can only be successfully achieved by attacking your Christian theology.

Your enemies understand that they would never make any headway by attacking Christianity directly so instead they attack “racist white America.” But in attacking their caricature of racist white America they subtly and successfully completely identify their caricature of racist white America with Christianity so that a victory over one is a victory over both.

Racial Humor

So the latest in Washington DC was the White House Correspondent dinner where black female comedian Wanda Sykes launched into a racist diatribe against white people.

Let’s reverse Wanda Sykes shtick and pretend instead that it was white female Ann Coulter who was delivering the comic zingers last night.

This is what Ann said:

“Sharpie and Jackie insisted that the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty of raping that tramp. They’re like, “I don’t care about justice when it comes to those rich Lacrosse players. I don’t care if they lose their future, their name or their reputation.” Sharpie and Jackie just want to stick it to the man. They just want people to fail. To me, that’s racism.

“They’re not doing anything different that what Osama bin Laden is doing.
They’re both trying to destroy the country. You know you might want to look into this, Mr. President, because I think Sharpie and Jackie might be taking all the money they get from shaking down the man and are financing terrorism. The only difference between Sharpie and Jackie and those terrorists is that Sharpie and Jackie are to lazy to make the effort to hijack a airplane.”

Now if Ann Coulter had done this there would have been hell to pay for such a veiled racist attack against black liberals but let a black female comedian accuse a white conservative of treason and let her suggest it would be a good thing if the conservative died and suddenly our Black President is yucking it up. Wanda Sykes didn’t aim her barbs at Michael Steele. She didn’t aim any barbs at Walter Williams.

I watched the ‘show’ on c-span, last night. I decided that the POTUS tells jokes with a vulgar twist–a new LOW for Presidential discourse; even if it be humor: viz. Rham Emanuel can’t juxtapose “Mother” and “Day” (Yah, I get it; Rahm says “motherf*cker” all the time); and Tim Geithner is a “fire hydrant” (The ‘Dogs of Finance and Politics” pee on his leg–cute!). Obama is gutter trash.

What DO you call these people? If they were white and made such jokes, they would be termed, “Whitetrash”, where I live.

This Is What Confuses Me About The Race Thing

“The mainline media concludes that the tea parties were attended by “all white” people who were “a bunch of racists,” and it was all about “hating a black man in the White house.” Again, the attendees were all “tea-banging rednecks.” MSNBC broadcast the opinion that any minority conservatives who did attend the tea parties were identified as “those suffering from Stockholm syndrome.” Stockholm syndrome is the syndrome where a kidnapping victim begins to psychologically identify with their kidnappers.”

I quote this because I believe this mindset is typical of many Americans who consider themselves not racist.

In this banal interview we learn that in order to avoid being considered a white racist one cannot oppose command and control, centralized governments. Indeed, the interview seems to suggest that what makes racist white people racist is that they are opposed to being enslaved by the Federal government.

So, what it means to be typically white and a part of typical white culture is to be for individual freedom and individual responsibility. Anybody who is a minority that is for these things must have a psychological disease. Hence, minorities that attended the tea parties were, according to MSNBC, acting like white people. White people who act this way are to be pilloried and insulted. Minorities who act like white people are apparently to be pitied. This attitude explains the hatred that many black people had and have for Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas, according to this theory, is behaving white by believing in individual responsibility.

It would seem necessary then to conclude that the superior non-white people and non-white culture is that people and culture that desire to be in slavery to the state, and that which opposes individual freedom and individual responsibility. If a white person wants to be part of the superior non-white culture they have to abandon notions such as personal responsibility and be in favor of some form of collectivism.

Do minorities really desire that what it means to be “Black” or what it means to be “Hispanic” be defined as a culture that is dependent upon the state, as a culture that is for personal irresponsibility, as a culture that desires to be forever beholden to handouts, and as a culture that defines racism and prejudice as being that mindset that opposes those very same things?

You see, I’m confused by all this because if that is what racism means then I am a racist and it would seem to my thinking that everybody should want to be a racist.

What’s Wrong With This Quote?

“The long-term prospect—the type of country our grandchildren and great grandchildren will struggle to live in—should drive the programs, policies, and objectives of our leading immigration-reform organizations. And the type of country future generations of native-stock Americans will inherit rests on this maxim: demography is destiny! (If for no other reason than that the races vote systematically differently, and current immigration policy is driving the U.S. further to the left.)

Opposing mass illegal and legal immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity while disregarding the role of race and ethnicity—above all in establishing the criteria for immigrant selection—is largely why we’re in the mess we’re in. It is the equivalent of not only misdiagnosing a patient but prescribing the wrong treatment—treating someone who has advanced throat cancer with Listerine.

The way out of this mess (if there is a way out) will depend on a multifaceted long-term strategy. A sizable increase in white birthrates; stripping out the incentives for non-traditional immigrants to relocate to the U.S.; reversing the cultural pollution of our “entertainment industry”, which promotes diversity, multiculturalism and white demoralization—all would make for a good start.”

Cooper Sterling
Free Lance Writer