DNC — Night # 3 — Old Democratic Guard Hurl Haymakers

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention the Democrats trotted out Loser Swift Boat Kerry, Adulterer and Perjurer Clinton, and The Mouth Biden.

The themes that united their speeches was the attack of John McCain and the contention that America’s domestic (economy) and foreign (war in Iraq) policy is tattered and in ruins. People need to understand that the way party out of power replaces the party in power is by convincing people of economic downturn or of a major foreign policy blunder. The Democrats, by arguing that everything is coming unraveled are only pursuing a course that they would pursue even if the nation were in the middle of Utopian renewal.

It is interesting that many of the Democrats have emphasized family themes in their speeches. The Democrats have to do this because they are the party of weirdo wiccans, hate-mongering homosexuals, and militant minorities. As such they need to give a botox treatment to their family credentials in order to work out the ugly weirdo wrinkles.

Now, everyone here knows I carry no brief for the Republican party but the idea that Democrats can fix the domestic and foreign blunders of the Republican party that the Democrats are complicit in is like saying that a Bulimic can provide healthy counseling for the problems of an anorexic.

All of the speeches tonight tipped their hats to John McCain in terms of personal friendship or real respect for all the he went through in Vietnam, but after that tip of the hat all the speakers tore into McCain as being out of touch with suffering Americans and hard times. The solution for all the speakers was Government coming to people’s rescue. One speaker after another insisted that Government would fix the various problems of expensive health care, expensive college, and lack of jobs.

In his speech Perjurer Clinton couldn’t resist talking about himself. In his speech Kerry was still working to expunge the damage that the Swift Boat truths did to his credibility from four years ago. In his speech Biden politicized his first wife’s and daughter’s death after he was first elected to Senate. This politicization of personal tragedy, (which most politicians do) in my opinion is not a great deal different than flashers exposing themselves in public. There is something inherently diseased about how politicians emotionally expose themselves.

As a side note — If McCain chooses a US Senator as his Vice President this campaign is going to look like a Senate cat-fight.

Lincoln & Obama — Illinois Native Sons

There is something ironically fitting about Barack Hussein Obama and Abraham Lincoln both coming from the same state.

We could start with the fact that they both were and are inclined to Marxism.

We could observe that neither gave or gives two hoots about the Constitution.

We could say that each had and has a pushy wife.

We could observe that each is associated with the gods in as much as they each are connected to a Greek Temple structure.

We could say that each ran for President while having almost no experience for the job whatsoever.

A Few Anti-R2Kt Virus Quotes From 19th Century Guys

“If Christ is really king, exercising original and immediate jurisdiction over the State as really as he does over the church, it follows necessarily that the general denial or neglect of his rightful lordship, any prevalent refusal to obey that Bible which is the open law-book of his kingdom, must be followed by political and social as well as moral and religious ruin.”

A. A. Hodge — July 18, 1823 – November 12, 1886

“If professing Christians are unfaithful to the authority of their Lord in their capacity as citizens of the State, they cannot expect to be blessed by the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in their capacity as members of the Church. The kingdom of Christ is one, and cannot be divided in life or death.If the Church languishes, the State cannot be in health; and if the State rebels against its Lord and King, the Church cannot enjoy His favour. If the Holy Ghost is withdrawn from the Church, he is not present in the State; and if He, the ‘Lord, the Giver of life,’ be absent, then all order is impossible, and the elements of society lapse backward to primeval night and chaos.”

A. A. Hodge — July 18, 1823 – November 12, 1886

The distinguished Southern Presbyterian theologian James Henley Thornwell requested that the Constitution of the Confederate States contain the following statement:

“Nevertheless, we, the people of the Confederate States, distinctly acknowledge our responsibility to God, and the supremacy of his Son, Jesus Christ, as King of kings and Lord of lords; and hereby ordain that no law shall be passed by the Congress of these Confederate States inconsistent with the will of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.”

James Henley Thornwell — December 9, 1812 – August 1, 1862

I have more but as there were questions if there were quotes from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries I wanted to get a few out there.

Rutherford Was Obviously Backward For Not Believing R2Kt Virus

[Seducers to idolatry to be punished now as then].

” For neither under Moses more then now, could the sword convert men to the true Religion, yet bodily death was to be inflicted on the seducer, then, as now. Deut.13.11.”

ibid., p. 55.

[Duty of the Magistrate from Deut.13 & Rom.13 perpetual].

“… the intrinsecall worke and end of the Magistrate is to avenge evill doing, and so to remove the fierce anger of the Lord from a land, that the people may feare and not do any such wickednesse, as is cleare, Deut.13:10,11. Exod.32:29,30. Deut. 19:20. Rom. 13:3,4,5. 1 Pet.2:14. Now the false Prophet is such as brings on all these evills, and therefore if Magistrates stand under the new Testament, and if there be such a sin now as thrusting away people from the Lord who hath, in Christ, delivered us from a greater bondage then that of Aegypt, this must be a perpetuall Law.”

ibid., pp. 186-187

[Lev.24:10-14 a perpetual law against blasphemy].

” Levit.24:10,11,12,13,14. which is,ver.15,16. Whosoever curseth his God shall beare his sin, 16. And whosoever blasphemeth the name of the Lord hee shall surely be put to death; and all the congregation shall certainly stone him, as well the stranger as hee that is borne in the land, when hee blasphemeth the name of the Lord shall be put to death: there be two things here for me that proveth this was no judiciall temporary law binding Israel onely. 1. His God, Holdeth forth, that nature abhorreth, and the sum of the first command written in the heart is, hee that curseth his maker whom he is to blesse, love, and serve with all his heart, should dye. 2. This law obliegeth the stranger, and any heathen to be put to death, if hee should blaspheme God, saith it is the law of nature, and obliegeth us under the New Testament as being the highest sin that nature crieth shame, and woe upon;”

ibid., p. 183

DNC — Night # 2 — Hillary’s “Government As Nanny” Speech

As far as speeches go Hillary’s speech was just so so. It won’t be remembered for soaring rhetoric or profound policy proposals. What Hillary’s speech will be remembered for is her accomplishing the necessity to clearly articulate support for Obama’s candidacy for President. On the surface the Democrats will go into the election cycle united, though beneath the surface I believe that there is a great amount of ill will between the Clintons and the Obamas.

Beyond the necessary niceties in her speech Hillary focused on people she met who told her that they needed the government to help take care of them, even citing a soldier who encouraged her to “take care of my buddies.” Clearly Hillary believes that the government is the parental figure in the country and that it is responsible to take care of the people, its children. It is responsible to take care of people without health insurance. It is responsible to take care of women in America who are being disadvantaged. It is responsible to take care of children. Hillary’s America is one where government is the Nanny and we the people are to be obedient to our caretaker.

From here Hillary offered up boilerplate Democrat positions ranging from anti-corporate rhetoric to pro global warming to her fervid desire for universal health care. More than once Hillary stated the Democratic mantra that “government must be about ‘we the people’ not we the favored few.”

Hillary spent only a little time attacking John McCain focusing more on attacking failed Bush policies while insisting that McCain would continue with the failed policies that find our reputation internationally damaged and our economy not fundamentally sound.

In the end this is a speech that was calculated to deliver Hillary from being blamed in any way for an eventual Obama defeat.