Can Non-cultic Cultures Exist?

Sean offered,

Well, if there is a religious agenda attached/implied in the educational system it does not therefore establish an argument for a christian theistic system but rather an argument against any kind of cultic religious system.

Culture is ALWAYS a reflection of the cultic religious system of any society. You cannot have culture without cultic religious systems. Culture always descends from what a people think about God. Hence, cultic religious systems are inescapable categories that cannot be avoided. You cannot build a common realm that is sanitized of the gods. Christians may disobediently decide to hold Christ’s Lordship in abeyance in the common realm but that does not mean that the adherents of other systems will not press for the advance of their gods in the putatively common realm. The idea that there exists a realm that is not beholden to and derivative of some god or god concept wherein his or its adherents do not incarnate their worship as a substance called culture is the very pinnacle of foolishness. Indeed the pluralistic culture that those who hold to such a ‘idea’ want to see built would be a self-defeating testimony to their own attempt to build a non-cultic culture, as the State would have to play God among the gods to make sure that all of the gods kept their place.

The argument that humanistic secularism qualifies as an religious worldview doesn’t work. The existence of Hindu, Islamic, et al cultic transformative religious theocracies is simply another argument against any cultic theocratic society this side of glory.

Asserting that humanism doesn’t qualify as a religious worldview is just an assertion. With the God as the State implementing positivistic notions of law while hiring priests (teachers) to catechize the youth in Government Churches (schools) and providing the sacrament of social security # as a counterpart to Baptism where a child is united with ‘God’ and voting as a counterpart to communion where the participant is united to God by way of a ritual act, Humanism certainly qualifies as a worldview. Any contention that it doesn’t is just a case where ideology trumps reality.

The bigger question is this; if God created/recreated the “city” outside of Eden (the judicial mandate against Cain but limiting retributive justice) or the recreation of the world post noahic deluge. Is not the non-cultic city good?

The non-cultic city didn’t look so non-cultic at Babel.

Scripture teaches that Satan is the God of this world which I understand to mean that Satan is God of the present wicked age that is in opposition to the age to come which Christ has brought. If Satan is God of this present wicked age then clearly this present wicked age, having a god (which is no god) is a cultic city that stands in opposition to the age to come that Christ has brought with its own cultic character. Christ has in principle destroyed this present wicked age and His people live out that victory in obedience to His Kingship.

To say that there is a non-cultic city is to say that there is a realm where neutrality obtains. Not true.

It may not be holy, but it is established and bound(beginning and end) by God Himself(or was God just providing the “church” an antogonist?). And if it(the city) is God’s and therefore good, who are the transformationalists and theonomists really at odds with?

If this present wicked age is to be overcome by the age to come which has already, in principle overcome it, then who are the R2Kt virus people really at odds with?

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  1. You had me until you equated communion with voting. Not a paedo-com heh? 🙂

    Other than that, great post. I espescially got a kick out of that last line.

  2. Actually, I am paedo-communion, though I wouldn’t advocate intinction.

    I make that the voting / communion comparison because most people do think that way.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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