Sarah “Serpico” Palin And The Christian’s Quandry Part I

Republican Presidential nominee John McCain has tapped Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mater for campaign 2008. Considered from the non-Christian view of political pragmatism McCain’s choice, strategically and tactically speaking is brilliant. Now, no Biblical Christian should be able to vote for McCain solely on the basis of his choosing Palin as his VP but nonetheless from a purely politically pragmatic perspective McCain did himself a favor by choosing Palin.

In this article I am going to examine, from the non-Christian view of pure pragmatism, why McCain’s choice is exceptional. Second, I am going to examine the weaknesses that Palin brings to the ticket. Lastly, I am going to probe as to why it is that Biblical Christians cannot cast their vote against Christ by voting for female civil magistrates.

McCain’s choice of Palin is politically incisive for several reasons. First, it energizes McCain’s base which is something the man has sorely need to do since he won the Republican primaries. Because of Palin’s presence on the ticket many Evangelicals will follow James Dobson’s instant conversion and forget McCain’s weak pro-life stance, and McCain’s essentially liberal (neo-con) persona and positions and pull the lever for McCain in November. By choosing Palin McCain has gone a long way towards repairing the destruction that has been done to the Reagan Coalition by the Bush’s. Now, McCain will not treat that coalition constituency any better than the Bush’s have but at this point, with this choice, he has successfully fooled them into thinking that he will. With this choice enough Reagan Democrats will again vote Republican to convincingly give McCain the election.

Second McCain’s choice of Palin is stellar, pragmatically speaking, because it sets up the Republican future. If McCain wins (and I think he will with this choice unless Palin experiences some kind of Eagleton moment) McCain has bequeathed the Republican party a heir apparent that is Reaganesque in her convictions. Republicans have been looking for the second coming of Reagan since he left office and Palin might be the one who fills that desire. Indeed, Palin is such a good choice that her presence on the ticket could have coatails for the Republican party.

Third, McCain’s choice of Palin undercuts the ability of Democrats to tie McCain to George Bush which has clearly been a large part of Democrat strategy to date. Palin has a persona of fighting corruption within the Republican establishment. She is cast as a Rebel who has never fit into the “good old boy” network. By choosing Palin, McCain underscores his “Maverick” reputation and makes Democrat allegations that McCain will be the continuation of the Bush presidency lose all traction.

Fourthly, on a point I never will get, Palin will gain McCain female votes that he would not have otherwise received. For reasons that I will never comprehend people will vote for people who are like them even if those people they are voting for positions that stand in ideological contrast to them. Why a former Hillary supporter would vote for Palin just because both Hillary, and Palin, as well as the voter have the same genitalia will always baffle me.

Fifthly, Palin’s executive experience stands in contrast to the executive experience at the top of the Democratic ticket. Were I the Republican campaign managers I would put subtly inject this into the campaign as well as the contrast between Palin’s “Serpico” persona vis a vis Obama’s connections with some very unsavory and unethical people.

Sixthly, it is already obvious that Palin can give a speech. This ability is overwhelmingly under-rated today. It’s importance not only lies in the perspicuous attractiveness that it brings to a candidate but it also communicates mega-volumes about a persons thinking ability. People who can speak are usually intelligent people. This ability to speak adds to Palin’s telegenic presence. Already it is easy to see that Palin is one of those politicians that has a charm about her that draws people. This helps McCain because McCain doesn’t have that in any degree.

Part II, the weaknesses of Palin.

Part III, why Christians can’t vote for female magistrates.

Author: jetbrane

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