Sarah “Serpico” Palin And The Christian’s Quandry Part II

Now, Sarah Palin does not come without her weaknesses to the McCain campaign.

First, certainly the McCain campaign believes that Palin will be able to thrive in atmosphere that they have placed her, but it remains an open question whether or not Palin will be able to move from the greenhouse of Alaska where she has been growing to the harsh national environment to which she has now been transplanted. Juneau isn’t Washington D.C. and the Fairbanks media isn’t the New York media. This woman, because of her pro-life, pro-Jesus, pro-America, anti-buggery, anti-global warming positions is in for a crap-storm the likes she has never known. Can she withstand it? I believe that the media and the left establishment will seek to do to Palin what they did to Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, because I believe that she is just that kind of threat to the establishment. Sarah Palin strikes me as an American every woman, who caught a lightning bolt to the Alaska Governor’s chair. Is this American every woman who loves Jesus, looks after her children, satisfies her husband, and hunts and fishes on the side tough enough and clever enough to mix it up with the smarmy Ivy League serpent bastards who own the court that surrounds the Presidency? I honestly fear for this woman.

Second, while Palin helps McCain ideologically speaking she does almost nothing for him regionally speaking. Alaska has three electoral votes and while every electoral vote in this campaign is going to count, one has to wonder whether or not McCain would have been better served to choose someone with better regional and electoral heft.

Third, Palin’s inexperience is a wild card in this whole campaign. Certainly, she has more experience than Obama but will voters still voter for her realizing that 72-year-old men drop dead all the time? The idea of being one heartbeat from the presidency takes on deeper meaning when the guy at the top of the ticket is comparatively close to the average life expectancy of an American male. It is true that Palin has more experience than Obama but that is not saying much and one has to wonder if the average voter is ready to put someone whose resume swells at being mayor of a city of 9000 who has been Governor of a small state for less than two years a heartbeat from the presidency. I press this issue because I think it is more likely that Palin will be President upon the death of John McCain then it is that Barack Hussein Obama will ever become President.

Fourth, on the inexperience subject again, one wonders how she is going to fare in the Vice Presidential debates. People, should realize that politics, like any other profession, is not for novices. If Sarah Palin cannot hold her own against Biden on national television that will severely hurt John McCain. Palin is in the position where she must become expert enough in a whole number of national and international issues to be able to speak on convincingly and intelligently. As Governor of Alaska has she thought about Georgia and Russia? As Governor of Alaska has she pondered the ins and outs of the strength of the dollar in foreign markets? As Governor of Alaska what does she think about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? There will be no hiding any ignorance of these subjects and a similar host of them while on public television in a nationally broadcast debate.

The final section will seek to lay out an argument on why Biblical Christians can never vote for women civil magistrates – not even female civil magistrates that might otherwise serve our agenda

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