Tales From The Garden

Many will remember that in July my garden was wiped out. My plants were green stems. At the time I plowed under my beans and planted three more rows of beans. I also stuck a few more tomato plants in the ground.

Anyway, God, who rules the gardens, was gracious by bringing my plants back to the point of health that they could produce some fruit.

We have canned about 25 quarts of beans and yesterday I spent the day canning 25 quarts of tomatoes. I also picked enough tomatoes for another 10 or so quarts. And the really fun thing was that I got into my turnip patch which I had largely forgotten about.

I pulled a Turnip that must have weighed 10 pounds. Biggest Turnip I’ve ever seen. I thought it would be to woody to eat but I peeled it, sliced it up and took out the woodiest parts. Then I boiled the turnips and had quite a nice meal of them. I was genuinely excited by this since I know there are many more turnips in the patch to be harvested. We will, thanks to the God of the harvest, have plenty of turnips this winter to eat.

Also you should see the magnificent Peppers we have picked. Now, I wish we’d planted a few more since we don’t have nearly the Peppers we’ve had in previous years. Still, the ones we do have are beautiful! My daughter has made quarts and quarts and quarts of salsa for this winter. Hmmmm …. good stuff Maynard.

All of the McAtee’s are very thankful to God for the bountiful harvest we’ve had thus far.

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  1. I am SO happy to hear that your garden thrived even though the plague of hail almost wiped it out. You got lots more beans than we did, even though you started later than we did. And our peppers were pitiful. But we will try again next year with those things, and we are enjoying a lot of bounty from our garden, too. Praise God!

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