The Problem With Being White


I did some research on the whole Alinsky legacy and while I think it is much ado about nothing, I think I understand what terrifies you. You’re likely white, relatively affluent, part of the power structure (symbolically speaking) that exists in America. A power structure that designs policies to benefit its own members (such as financial bailouts, military-industrial ties, etc…) is threatened by any talk of mobilizing those who have been left out.

Ironically, perhaps the best way to ensure Saul Alinsky’s teachings are embraced by the underprivileged masses would be to elect a staunch conservative government that eliminates the meager handouts they get now. Eliminate medicare, social security, food stamps, and all the other programs conservatives hate and let’s see just how fast and easy it would be to mobilize the poor, the minorities, and the immigrants so that we quickly become those who are underprivileged. I’d be scared too if I was part of that power structure.

My apologies in advance if I have inaccurately pegged you as part of the ruling class.

Rob M.

Actually, no … I think that it was a good thing to continue to follow the policies that had us mobilizing those who have been left out. I mean, I think it was the very essence of genius to piss away billions (trillions?) of dollars in sub prime mortgages in order that minorities (“Those who have been left out”) could have what they didn’t earn. Hell’s Bells … my interest in mobilizing those who have been left out is so high, I am calling my Congressman to tell him I want him to support a program where those who have been left out can be given free money in order to purchase Yachts, personal Jets, and peanut butter factories.

In just such a way all the guilt I’m feeling over being white and part of the ruling structure can be atoned for as I join the poor minorities in the fricking hell hole that such dumb-ass enlightened, and Statist inspired policies, that you imply should be pursued in order to empower “those left out, will create. Those who have been left out will be sure to feel better by the fact that they have been joined in their misery by the white people who formerly oppressed them.

If you must know I was born and reared hillbilly Redneck, about as far from any “power structure” as you’d like to name. I think the things that you advocate in order to mobilize those left out are moronic in the highest degree and only serves to enslave those you think you’re trying to help. In short, I can not find the right words to express the contempt I hold for your ideas.

Author: jetbrane

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6 thoughts on “The Problem With Being White”

  1. If they only knew how affluent you were! LOL! It’s funny how those who can blog and email think they are poor… LOL… it would be really funny if they weren’t coming for my children.

    For Christ’s Crown and Covenant!

  2. Come on Bret. You certainly can think of something more dangerous than mere stupidity. How about fools with power? An individual fool can be dismissed. But fools with power can cause great damage, but enough about Wall Street.

  3. Paul,

    Yes, there were many fools on Wall Street but it was not Wall Street where the epitome of foolishness rested. It was Washington who created the legislation whereby it was impossible for the free market system to work.

    In the end though, under the Fascist Government we’ve been living is it really possible to distinguish the fools on Wall Street from the fools on Capitol Hill?

    I am so disgusted I can’t see straight.

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