Seminary Course — Revival; Fact or Fantasy?

Main Texts

1.) Revival and Revivalism — Iain H. Murray
2.) Jonathan Edwards: On Revival — Jonathan Edwards

Assignment — Read text 1. Write a 15 page paper clearly mapping out the distinctions Murray makes between legitimate revival and illegitimate Revivalism.

Assignment — Read text 2. Write a 15 page paper demonstrating that you understand how Edwards distinguished between real revival and pseudo revival. What were the sign of genuine revival that Edwards gives.

Supplementary Texts

1.) A Survey of 20th-Century Revival Movements in North America — Richard Riss

Assignment — Riss writes as a non-Christian giving kind of a sociological view of Revival. Riss is also a Marxist historian. Write a 7 page paper giving the reasons for Revival as Riss views those reasons. Even though Riss writes as a Sociologist and Marxist historian for Revival are there any insights on Revival that Riss includes that you find valuable. Include those observations in your paper.

2.) The Methodist-Revolution — Bernard Semmel

Assignment — Write a 7 page paper detailing how the Methodist Revival was institutionalized in Wesley’s England. Explain how Wesley’s revival rescued England from the fate of the French Revolution. Spend time in your paper examining how the Revival was channeled into a denomination.

3.) Cambuslang Revival — Arthur Fawcett

Assignment — Write a 7 page paper detailing how the Cambuslang Revival differed from the Wesley Revival as described in “The Methodist Revolution.”

4.) The Invitation System — Iain H. Murray

Assignment — Write a 5 page paper examining the weakness of the Invitation system.

5.) Revival — Martyn Lloyd Jones

Assignment — 1.5 page chapter summary of each chapter of Lloyd-Jones book.

6.) Rut, Rot or Revival: The Problem of Change and Breaking Out of the Status Quo – A. W. Tozer

Assignment — 5 page paper explaining Tozer’s view of Revival.

7.) Why Revival Tarries — Leonard Ravenhill

Assignment — Ravenhill writes as a Charismatic – Pentecostal. Write a 7 page paper that compares and contrasts Ravehill’s insights with what you found in the Cambuslang Revival.

8.) The Anxious Bench — John Williamson Nevin

Assignment — 7 page paper demonstrating that you understand Nevin’s opposition to Revival techniques

9.) George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival (2 Volumes) — Arnold Dallimore

Assignment — 15 page paper examining the impact of George Whitfield and Revival during his lifetime. In the last 3 pages explain why you think or do not think that Revival is consistent with Reformed theology.

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