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Finished “Monsters from the Id,” by E. Michael Jones.

Jones works too hard to make connections between various Horror film genres and the Revolutions that inspired them with the result that his connections come across as unnatural and contrived. Jones want’s to link Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” to the French Revolution, Dracula to the Weimar Republic, “The Forbidden Planet” to the rise of the 60’s sexual revolution in America and “Alien” to the rise in America of sex withoutprogeny. Though the exactitude of the connections are a bit forced there remains a good deal of fantastic connections which Jones makes as he explores the horror genre when understood in connection with social and sexual revolution.

For Jones, the Monster of the Horror genre is the return of the repressed. Jones’s theory is that what is repressed is sexual morality as social revolution brings about sexual perversity. What the horror genre does is that it provides a release mechanism whereby what has been repressed can find expression again. The Monster in the Horror genre is a killer of those who have sublimated the inescapable knowledge that sex outside of matrimony is verboten. The Monster thus is the suppressed conscience as God’s executioner against those who have tried unsuccessfully to sear their conscience.

The greater the perversion, the uglier and more vile the returning Monster. Jones argues that the Monster is both known and unknown by those who create them. Known because their creators can’t escape what they have done (Here Jones’ concentrates heavily on Mary Godwin Shelley’ Frankenstein) and yet unknown because their creators can’t admit to themselves the genesis of their Monsters.

Along the way Jones richly quotes from the Marquis de Sade, from Jacques Barruel’s “History of Jacobinism,” from Mary Wollenstonecraft,. from Stroker’s “Dracula,” from Quetel’s “History of Syphilis,” from Magnus Hirschfield and Christopher Isherwood, from Edward Bernay’s “Propaganda,” from Ren’e Wormser’s “Foundations; their Power and Influence,” from Linda Lovelace’s autobiography, and others. Jones weaves all of this into a wonderful tapestry that exposes Modernity and the forces that have sustained it.

There are wonderful sections that set forth the control mechanism of Modernity and how sexual perversion is linked to that. Likewise fantastic insights into mega Foundations and how they have supported the social revolution of sexual perversion. And finally, glimpses into how the Illuminati, via Jacobinism has been a partner in all this work to overthrow Christ.

It is a splendid read. It does start slow but it really picks up steam as it goes.

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