Keller; The Evils Of White Nationalism & Slogans

“Christians should look at the energized and emboldened white nationalism movement, and at its fascist slogans, and condemn it — full stop.”

Tim Keller

Keller is once again burnishing his SJW credentials here. I’d love to know what white nationalism he is talking about that isn’t already recognized as a fringe movement. Where is this white nationalism in the “bowing and scraping before the cultural Marxist” Evangelical and Reformed denominations? I wonder if the Dr. Rev. Keller could give five or so well known fascists slogans? It should be easy to do so since they are so prevalent. I wonder if the Dr. Rev. Keller ever raises the same warning against the Minority Nationalism so prevalent in the minority community? LaRaza anybody? Black Muslims? The Black Congressional Caucus?

But what am I thinking? Everyone knows that minorities can’t be racist since in order to be racist one has to have power plus privilege and no minority has power plus privilege despite the reality of affirmative action, hiring quotas, University admission quotas, stipulated point additions for minorities taking the SAT or ACT admissions test, etc. So naturally, the Dr. Rev. Keller groans and moans about something that is almost a non-entity.

White Nationalism? Well, just last week I couldn’t get around Lansing, Michigan because of that damn KKK march. And the week before that it was the burning in effigy of an oriental. I hate crowds.

And the slogans? They’re just horrid

two, four, six, eight
White people are only great


Hey Hey, Ho Ho
All you minorities need to go

(I always get that one mixed up with,

Hey Hey, Ho Ho
Western Civ has got to go)


Go ahead and try to get ahead
You scumbag minorities

Yep, freaking White Nationalism is everywhere. Why just last week on the way home from Church I counted ten (TEN) burning crosses on minority lawns. The lumber mill is doing a bang up business but I don’t mind as the owner attends the church I serve and he gives generously.

But before the Rev. Dr. Keller’s indignation gets too righteous, he just might want to consider that white people (either real or imagined) not have a corner on ethnic or racial pride.

Below is just a Whitman’s Sampler. Much more could be easily adduce.

(But remember… nothing below is “racist,” because it is not possible for minorities to be racist since they do not speak out of power plus privilege.)

“If God is white, kill God.”

James Cone Black Liberation Theologian

“There will be no peace in America until whites begin to hate their whiteness, asking from the depths of their being: ‘How can we become black?’”

Jeremiah Wright Black Minister

“Elijah Muhammad, is the one who preached that the white man of America, number one, is the Devil!”

Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali)

 “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

Noel Ignatiev
Harvard Magazine

“So then when we talk about white identity, then we have to talk about what whiteness is. Well, the reality is that whiteness is rooted in plunder, in theft, in slavery, in enslavement of Africans, genocide of Native Americans… Because we have to understand something – whiteness is wicked. It is wicked. It’s rooted in violence, it’s rooted in theft, it’s rooted in plunder,  it’s rooted in power, in privilege.”

Ekemini Uwan — M. Diva
Public Black Female “Theologian”

“For some the Church has become the least safe place for people of color.”

Duke Kwon
PCA Elder

The church’s refusal to de-center whiteness is the primary reason we have failed to address its cultural impact.

Michelle Higgins

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