From The Republic’s Fall to the Fall of McCarthey … A Reading List — Part I

Lately, I’ve had a friend ask me to provide a reading list on American History from 1865 to the mid-20th century. These are my recommendations. I only recommend books that I have read. Obviously, this will not be exhaustive. Like anybody, I’ve read in more areas than others.

I.) 1865 – 1877 – American Reconstruction

All of my reading here has been in the Dunning School. The Dunning school is now considered passe but as that which replaced the Dunning school was largely Marxist I’ll stick with the Dunning school’s understanding of this era.

1.) Reconstruction, Political & Economic, 1865-1877 – William Archibald Dunning

2.) Claude Bowers – The Tragic Era; The Revolution After Lincoln

3.) Walter Lynwood Fleming — Civil War, and Reconstruction in Alabama

II.) The Rise of the Propaganda Society

One cannot understand the 20th century (nor today) without having a firm grip on propaganda.

1.) Manipulating the Masses – John Maxwell Hamilton

2.) Propaganda — Eward Bernays

3.) The Crowd — Gustav LaBon

4.) Propaganda — Jaques Ellul

5.) An Empire of their Own — Neal Gabler

6.) Stalin’s Apologist — S. J. Taylor

III.) Progressives

1.) Bully Boy — Jim Powell

2.) Wilson’s War — Jim Powell

3.) To be continued

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