Remembering D-Day — 77 Years Later

On this day in 1944, the Allies stormed Normandy. This was contrary to easier approaches that would have meant fewer casualties in order to defeat Germany. The route that should have been taken was attacking Germany through Italy. This would have preempted a Stalinist take over of Central Europe. Naturally, Stalin was opposed to this alternate route demanding as he had for some time, that the Allies invade France. FDR finally sided with Stalin over Churchill’s objective with the consequences that many more Allied lives were lost that would have otherwise been necessary and Stalin would occupy much more territory than he otherwise would have gained.

The result of landing at Normandy as combined with the refusal to the request of both Patton and Montgomery to move laser-like towards Berlin as opposed to fighting on a broad front extended the war longer than was necessary, again giving Stalin time to roll into Berlin.

The whole of American involvement in WW II was a MASSIVE MISTAKE that was undertaken by people who were more concerned about Bolshevik and Zionist interests than they were concerned about American Interests.
The boys who died on Normandy were murdered by a fifth column occupied US Government before they were murdered by Germans.

No one doubts the bravery of those Allied lads on the beaches of Normandy. One could only wish on this 77th anniversary of D-Day that their bravery could have arisen earlier before they were drafted — bravery that would have resisted their own Government.

The only result that anyone will remember from WW II in 100 years is that because of it the globe was covered with Communism AND the Khazars were provided with a homeland.

FDR? Churchill? DeGaulle? … they were every bit of much the sons of Satan that Hitler, Stalin, and Hirohito were.

RIP … the Normandy boys who took orders without thinking about it. Brave you were. Informed you were not.

In the end one needs only to look at the result of a War to know what the war was being fought over.

1.) The end of World War II empowered Bolshevism in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and very soon thereafter China. Therefore, one must conclude that WW II was about making Communism a global power.

2.) The end of WW II saw Zionist Israel positioned to become a Nation state. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought for the sake of Zionism as well as Communism.

3.) A year before the end of WW II saw the implementation of a new Global economic order as secured @ Bretton Woods I. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought in order to create a new Economic Global Elite.

4.) WW II ended with the creation of the United Nations. The UN was intended to be a kind of Global Police order that could operate as independent from Nation-States. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought to create a New World Order.

Author: jetbrane

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