Doug Wilson & His Negative Obsession with Kinists

Recently, Rev. Doug “nobody is to my right” Wilson did a interview where he spends time denouncing Kinims for its putative racial malice and racial vainglory. You can find it here;

Start at 31 minutes.

In typical Wilson fashion, Wilson speaks out of both sides of his mouth on this issue. It is as if Wilson wants to be a half a Kinist, while getting to decide where the half is the he occupies at any given time while condemning those who don’t occupy his half.

The problem is that throughout Church history the fathers have said things that by Wilson’s definition, Wilson would have to consider as “racial vainglory,” and/or “racial malice.”

Today we give just one example. We will hope to give more as time passes.

Here we quote from the Early Church Father John Chrysostom to demonstrate that Wilson, were he consistent, (and he seldom is … just consider how he tap danced all over the place on the FV issue) would have to accuse Chrysostom of “racial malice,” and “racial vainglory.”

“Remember the eunuch of the queen of Ethiopia. Being a man of
a barbarous nation, occupied with numerous cares, and surrounded on all sides by manifold business, he was unable to understand that which he read.”

Four discourses Of Chrysostom
Chiefly on the parable of Lazarus And The Rich Man – p. 66

In Doug Wilson’s world Chrysostom has to be condemned as a Kinist practicing racial malice and racial vainglory since Chrysostom dared to say that the Ethiopian eunuch came from a “barbarous nation.” I mean, really, the malice expressed in that sentiment is off the charts. Also, one would have to be vainglorious here since barbarous is being defined by the standard of Nations that are not barbarous, no doubt one of which Chrysostom belonged.

Wilson’s problem in this whole Kinist thing is akin to the chap who concludes that all Christians are wicked because his first exposure to Christianity was witnessing Christians burning witches. Similarly, Wilson’s first exposure to Kinism was a Kinism that many times was unhinged and Wilson then concluded that all Kinism is like the unhinged Kinism he encountered 20 years ago. The man does not have enough discernment to realize that his generic statements about Kinism are not universally held by all Kinists just as all Christians don’t unjustly burn women who really are not witches.

Really, the fact of the matter boils down to just this. If you don’t agree with Doug Wilson precisely on the issue of race he is going to try to read you out of being Christian.

I don’t think he is going to succeed.


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3 thoughts on “Doug Wilson & His Negative Obsession with Kinists”

  1. In the course of Christian history, theology and nationalism have often been entangled in complicated ways – of course not always in an edifying manner. For example, the Hussite movement in Bohemia would have never blown up (first metaphorically and then literally, into furious Hussite wars) the way it did if it had not been partly inspired by Czech nationalist sentiments.

    Henry Milman wrote:

    “They were years of terrible and fatal glory in the history of Bohemia, of achievements marvellous as to valour, military skill, patriotism, and the passion for civil and religious freedom; to the Empire, to the Teutonic nation, beyond all precedent disastrous and ignominious. Had Bohemia possessed a race of native Sovereigns; were it not in the nature of profound religious fanaticism to awaken differences irreconcileable under the most favourable circumstances; could Bohemia have consolidated her own strength within herself, and not carried fire and sword into the Empire, she might have been the first nation which threw off the yoke of the Pope and of the hierarchy, the centre of Sclavonian independence. But that Sclavonian Reformation might perhaps have retarded, from the hostility of the two races, embittered by the long contest, the later, more successful, more irrevocable Teutonic emancipation.

    Of all wars none was so horribly, remorselessly, ostentatiously cruel as this—a war of races, of languages, and of religion.”

  2. I feel like he’s just virtue signaling and straddling the fence at this point, I doubt he actually believes what he says, which makes it even worse…

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