McAtee Interrogates Wilson Interview on Kinism

In a recent interview Rev. Doug Wilson blames the rise of evil Kinism on the progressive left. Doug reasons that “If the progressive left had not vilified White people for a generation white people would not have over-reacted by embracing Kinism (paraphrase).”

While Doug could be correct here Doug’s problem is Doug does not mention who comprises the progressive left. Who is it precisely who has comprised the progressive left to the end of vilifying white people?

 Doug won’t go here because the answer to that question is “the school of Cultural Marxism has been the animating force behind the progressive left,” that Dougie blames for the rise of evil evil Kinism. Now we ask, “Why won’t Doug name Cultural Marxism as the animating force for the rise of the progressive left which has in turn been met with the rise (in Dougie’s world) of evil Kinism)?”

The answer to that question is that it points to the Jewish Intellectuals. The intellectual fire power behind Cultural Marxism has been Jewish intellects and then from there Jewish intellects co-opted the non-Caucasian races in Western lands to be the foot soldiers who did the long march through white western Christian institutions. Now, before Doug or any of his imps protest, I quite concede that there have been white people who jumped on the progressive left/Cultural Marxist Jewish bandwagon, however that does not in the least negate my observations above. Likewise I freely and gladly admit that there are sundry non-Caucasians who are in adamant opposition to the Jewish program of the progressive left/cultural Marxist agenda. We are talking here in terms of real generalities and not in terms of universals.

But Doug won’t name the Jewish intellectuals as the animating power behind the progressive left/cultural Marxism because, after all, all his Grandchildren have Jews for grandparents. What’s more Doug’s wife is 13% Jewish and Doug is himself 3% Jewish. As such Doug dare not name Jewish intellectuals as the problem. Instead evil white Kinism is a excessive response to the bland vanilla progressive left. Doug has no problem attacking white people as white people but you will never hear him speak of the problem of Jewish intellectuals.

In such a way Dougie can rail against evil Kinism while only hammering “the progressive left,” meanwhile leaving unnamed Jewish intellectuals who are seeking to tear down Western Christian Civilization. For Doug then the problem is;

A.) Evil Progressives
B.) Wicked over-reacting white Kinists
C.) But not a word touching Jewish intellectuals

Further Doug Wilson offers in this interview that Kinism is an over-reacting to white people being vilified. This over-reaction is seen in the Kinist statement, in the face of progressive accusations denouncing white people that, “that white people are the best thing that has ever happened because their white.”

I am a Kinist. I know lots of Kinists. I don’t know of any one Kinist who doesn’t understand and embrace that white people suffer from total depravity. This is the classic fallacy of red herring on Dougie’s part.

Then there is the issue that in this interview Rev. Wilson assumes throughout that only white people are Kinists. This is another bone-headed premise. I know plenty of non-Caucasian people who are Kinist.

It is clear here that Wilson really is out of his depths on this question.

Elsewhere Wilson says,

“Kinism teaches that if the progressive left, are going to accuse Kinists of being a thief then Kinists conclude, I might as well steal something.”

Doug Wilson

In reality what Kinism teaches, at least among white Kinists, is that we are no longer going to wallow in a false guilt and since we are not going to wallow in a false guilt we are going to praise our forefathers instead of being ashamed of them or apologizing for them. White Kinists teach that we are no longer going to put up with the slander and libel that comes from Alienists. White Kinists teach that there is nothing wrong with being grateful for our heritage recognizing that part of being grateful for our heritage is defending that heritage against the guilt mongers in our midst.

Doug Wilson teaches that Gospel prohibits both all racial malice and all racial vainglory.

Someone please get a memo to the Holy Spirit who said;

Titus 1:12As one of their own prophets has said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” 13This testimony is true.

Now if this isn’t racial malice, inspired by the Holy Spirit, I don’t know what racial malice is.

And in terms of racial vainglory St. Paul can say of the Jews;

Israelites, to whom pertain the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service of God, and the promises; of whom are the fathers and from whom, according to the flesh, Christ came, who is over all, the eternally blessed God. Amen.

Wilson, in the interview, by affirming a love for one’s grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. gives us a tribalism and goes on to say things that most Kinists would salute. But then he turns around and seeks to push outside the camp those people who say the very same thing he says in generically defining what is good about loving one’s own people. In doing so Doug sets himself up as the gatekeeper and throws everyone else under the bus. From there Wilson having fleshed out the generic statement of what he has given  contradicts much of his own general outline in other statements.

For example in the past Wilson has argued against a Kinist like policy of protectionism that would favor nearby producers (Kin) versus producers in Peking. Per Wilson, in a particularly cringe moment, Free Grace leads to Free Markets which leads to free trade. Wilson has argued for a immigration policy that finds the US seeking to assimilate those who are not assimilable.

So, per Doug’s usual modus operandi, Doug speaks out of both sides (maybe even several sides) of his mouth. Doug says general principles that kinists would salute. That is good. However when talking about details Doug often advances Alienists (opposite of Kinist) arguments. That is bad.

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