Pope Doug’s Gaslighting I

“Incidentally, in trying to get those phrases (Christian Nationalism and Kinism) to be interchangeable, they (the WOKE crowd) have the same objective as the kinists do. Working arm in arm, they are.”

Pope Doug

1.) Once again, there can be no true nationalism of any stripe apart from Kinism. The only options Wilson has in denying Kinism to Christian Nationalism is either a civic Nationalism or a propositional Nationalism. There are no other choices and the skinny of the matter is that neither propositional nationalism or civic nationalism can be properly called nationalism if we are going to take the idea of “nation” etymologically.

2.) Now Wilson may be on to something when he suggests that the WOKE and the Kinists are both insisting a equivalency between Kinism and Christian Nationalism. HOWEVER, to suggest those two opposing poles are working arm and arm is utter gaslighting because the WOKE crowd wants to equate the two terms in order to discredit Christian Nationalism since they, with Wilson’s help, have equated Kinism with racism. On the other hand the Kinists insist that Kinism and Christian Nationalism are equivalents because of the etymology of the word nation. There is no nationalism apart from kin. So, Kinists are seeking to bring out the true meaning of Christian Nationalism while the WOKE crowd is seeking to discredit Christian Nationalism by suggesting that Kinism = Christian Nationalism and so, with Wilson’s contrivance, is all really about racism.

Author: jetbrane

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