Voetius and His “Racial Malice”

The following was posted by one Rev. Michael Spangler on X. I am re-posting in here. I am pretty sure Pope Doug Wilson of the CREC would insist that the Reformed Father Voetius was guilty of racial malice for the counsel given below.

As an FYI… I do not believe that Romans 11 teaches a “future to us” conversion of the Jews. I believe that Jesus cursing of the Fig tree and Jesus parable of the fruitless tree preclude us from looking for a future national conversion of the Jews. Though I do allow that individual Jews will be converted but only as belonging to other peoples.

I use the phrase “Racial Malice” in the title to tweak Doug Wilson who has suggested that such thinking as exhibited in the list below is beyond the pale and is a case of “Racial Malice.”

Anyway… on with Voetius.

Voetius believed in the future conversion of the Jews, and wanted Christians, and Christian governments, to pray and labor for it.

Therefore he wisely warned against eight “political means, which serve more for the perverting, rather than the converting of the Jews.”

They are:

1. Granting them civil privileges and immunities.

2. Allowing them to associate too freely with Christians in society.

3. Granting them any degrees or authority, in government, in business, in medicine, in academics.

4. Allowing their divinations, or kaballistic-magical superstitions.

5. Allowing them unjust divorce and polygamy.

6. Allowing their practice of usury.

7. Allowing the public exercise of the Jewish religion, including the publishing of works teaching their Talmudic blasphemies.

8. Harshness and injustice toward them.

De Judaismo, in Selectae disputationes, vol. 2, pp. 109–110.

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