Dr. Own Strachan Dunking Tank Part I

Remember going to the fair and there was always a booth where some clown was sitting on a collapsible bench over a water tank and he would scream insults at you as you passed by, minding your own business, in order to lure you into throwing baseballs at a target which would collapse his bench with the result of the clown being immersed in water?

Well, the clown Dr. Owen Strachan did something similar to that to me this week in an article he wrote on Substack. It seems Owen doesn’t like me much (imagine my chagrin) and as such Owed decided to take my name in vain, seeking to treat me like an anchor to put around other people’s neck so as to discredit whoever he connected to me.

So, in light of that, I thought I would play Walter Johnson to Owen Strachan’s clown routine and pitch a few baseballs at the metaphorical target in order to get Owen good and wet.

Alternately, this of this post as a kind of Dr. Owen Strachan slugfest;

“There are two major elements of this movement (Kinism) as I read it; multi-ethnic Christian nationalism and mono-ethnic Christian Nationalism.”

Dr. Owen Strachan 
Typical Baptist

Any one want to tell Owen that multi-ethnic by definition can’t be Nationalism unless it is a non-Nationalist civic Nationalism?

What a maroon.

Owen continues,

“In what follows, I seek to show that mono-ethnic Christian Nationalism should not be held by any true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Someone phone the Hungarians and let them know.

However, apparently mono-ethnic Judaism (Israel) is perfectly acceptable as Nationalism, and mono-ethnic communism is perfectly acceptable as Nationalism for the Han Chinese.

Owen is looking to get another Doctorate. This time in stupidity.

Continuing on;

“Andrew (Torba) I pray you understand the true biblical gospel, which has nothing to do with your kinist message of ethnic preservation and propagation. I say this in love: you are promoting a false gospel.”

Dr. Rev. Owen Strachan

Baptist Idiot (Tautology alert)

Yes, because the true gospel means that you ignore the ongoing attempted genocide of your people because of LUV. The true gospel means that we LUV our children enough to turn a blind eye to their being replaced. The true gospel means that we LUV God enough to ignore the 6th commandment. Everyone know the true gospel once embraced is a suicide pact.

“Real talk: You go against inter-ethnic marriage, you go against God.”

Rev. Dr. Owen Strychnine Strachan

Yes, indeed, everyone should marry other races. We should destroy our bloodlines to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

Also clearly Ezra and Nehemiah (ch. 9 & 13) were in terrible sin for their actions.


Owen Strachan in his Substack article faults Wolfe merely for daring to quote something on Twitter (X) that I, had in turn, quoted from the Harvard Law review.

Quoting Moanin’ Owen from his Substack article;

“Fourth, Wolfe has engaged kinist and white-nationalist voices in affirmatory terms. Here, for example, is Wolfe reposting a take on blasphemy from Bret McAtee:”

Here Moanin’ Owen invokes my name in connection with Wolfe in the attempt to smear Wolfe with little ole innocent me. The idea is “if Wolfe is connected to McAtee then obviously Wolfe is poison.”

Next Strachan writes,

“Bret  McAtee is not a widely-known voice, but he is an open kinist who was dismissed from the Christian Reformed Church for advocacy of such ideology. McAtee writes the “IronInk” blog. Here is how Alastair Roberts has described IronInk:

The Kinist Iron Ink blog describes ‘Who is My Neighbor” as follows: ‘This book is nearly 700 pages long and it provides one quote after another culled from authors (both Christian and Pagan) from Ancient History to modern times, which demonstrates that the doctrines of Kinism have been what all men in all time and in all places have believed.”

Now some analysis:

1.) Thanks to the work of the Alienists like Doug Wilson and Alister Roberts and now Owen Strachan it is sure to be the case that Bret McAtee will soon indeed be a widely known voice. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much.

2.) It was not possible for me to be dismissed from the Christian Reformed Church since I was never ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. Strachan is just in error here. What’s new? He’s trademarked error.

3.) Note how Strachan refuses to consider the material in “Who is My Neighbor,” choosing instead to just damn all the evidence because I dare cite it as evidence. It’s as if this idiot is saying, “Clearly all the evidence in ‘Who is My Neighbor’ can’t be counted as evidence because McAtee recognizes it as evidence.”

4.) What’s a guy got to do to get his middle initial used? I mean I always sign my name Bret L. McAtee and Owen drops my “L.” My “L” is important to me since I was tabbed with that middle name (Lee) after Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Continuing with the brilliance of Dr. Owen Moanin’ Strachan;

“Kinism is the partial (thus sinful) preferring of your own people over others.”

Owen Strachan

So…. my preferring my own wife and children over other women and children not my own is sinful?

Does this man even think about what he writes?

Owen Strachan’s behavior at the G3 conference and in his Substack article is proof positive once again that the visible church needs to split apart. We need a movement to start different denominations that have has part of their confession an explicit allegiance to Kinism and/or CN. We could put in our confession;

… therefore we detest the errors of the political Anabaptists who would insists that the God of the Bible has to share sovereignty with all the other gods in the public square.”

Author: jetbrane

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  1. I recently read Ezra and Nehemiah for the first time. Ezra renting his clothes and ripping at his hair and beard over inter-ethnic marriage, is probably unparalleled in all human culture.

    It’s a little much that “biblical inerrantists” and “bible believers” have inter-racial marriage as a sacred value. It’s a little much that they gaslit me on this issue. I just crossed my arms and said well your contemporaries believe in women pastors and homosexual Christians.

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