Quotes & Commentary from E. Michael Jones’ “Monsters from the Id”

Once morals disappear from the human equation, all human interaction is a function of force, which means that women come out on the short end of the stick because, according to feminist theory and the thought of the Marquis de Sade, they are weaker than men.

E. Michael Jones
Monsters from the Id — pg. 314

With the impact that existentialism and then postmodernism has brought on morals, we see the truth of Jone’s statement. Because of a lack of morals, we can routinely torture and murder the unborn. Because of a lack of morals, we can open the Church doors to side-b sodomites who desire to be known for their besetting sins. Because of a lack of morals, we now have a manosphere because both men and women are locked into individual and personal sexual politics. Mao captured succinctly what Jones is saying above when he said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

“Modern critics can not understand the genre of Horror because they can’t understand the Enlightenment, and they can’t understand the Enlightenment because they are inside it so to speak, espousing its goals; the critics, virtually to a man, espouse its values so completely they can’t conceive of any alternative to it as the project which orders their lives.”

E. Michael Jones
Monsters from the Id — pg. 296
There is something in this quote that the modern Church needs to hear as a principle. The modern Church, like Jone’s critics, too often are of little use to Christians today because the modern Church has swallowed the Enlightenment core principle of Egalitarianism. The modern Church can not fight where the fight is of most import because the modern Church is inside the Enlightenment and holds as dear to God the Enlightenment’s most core principle. This does not mean that the modern Church can never give profitable counsel. It DOES mean that any counsel the modern Church gives pertaining to the most animating issue of our time (Egalitarianism) — an issue owned by the enemy — is counsel that smells of the sulfur that besots our enemy. In the words of Pogo, In the modern Church, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

In time the modern Church will overwhelmingly fall on the sodomite marriage issue, on the Confederate flag issue, and on the Transgender issue because the modern Church owns as a principle of Christianity the core principles that drive those issues. Borrowing from Jone’s, “Egalitarianism is the project that orders their lives.”

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